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Welcome them to the Jasmine Star. Show friends this. podcast is still very new. We are just about two months old. y'All and something I. He didn't expect when I started podcasting ways how freeing it was I feel so darn free to be one hundred percent of myself one hundred percent persson the time and I really you and I are just sitting here having a conversation. It's just US having a cuppa like. Did you know that that was the thing I was actually watching the BBC and they had a show. It's like I'm just enjoying a couple like CPA cuppa and they say cup. Like a cup of tea the way that we say out here sure. So let's just pretend you and I are in an episode of a BBC show and you and I having a COUPLA. I'm using an accent to kind of get me through what I am about talk about right now because sometimes I don't really talk about stuff and one of those those things that I don't know what he's talking about is that I have suffered from depression for years and I used to be ashamed kind of embarrassed to admit this but I've come mm along way and I know it's not that kind of like dog petting book Reading Coffee Drinking. Jd Loving Life that many people see on social media and it may be hard to believe that depression can be found in one of the most seemingly happy people you know but it is. I don't get let me wrong. Bill Life is beautiful. I do love my dog. I do have a great relationship. Thank God I do live in California where it's always away sunny and I don't even own umbrella like to be honest if it rains in California I just don't go out so there's that now I also also recognize that. My life is one that I wouldn't have dared to dream of as a child. I can also recognize however that there isn't a rainbow if it doesn't rain and not everyday is filled with sunshine despite the Newport beach forecast me till you now. I'm no that this probably sounds a little bit like after school. Special like did you walk through a hallmarks card store and see like there can't be a rainbow that doesn't mean you know what I'm saying but like back at the end of the day it still Kinda true. I know for many people. The holiday season can be a really tough time. Maybe you've had a loved one that has passed and Christmas. Miss just isn't the same now or maybe there are really a lot of high expectations on you during the season or perhaps there's just a lack of sunlight in winter in that is getting you down. That is why I wanted to share with you. One of the hardest yet most necessary podcast interviews. I have ever done in this episode with my dear friend. Amy Porterfield I get real with you about depression and she gets real about her journey as well in this conversation we had on her podcast. PODCAST is called online marketing..

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