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This hour of the show is brought to you by pure talk usa stop blowing your budget on your wireless plan and switched appear talk usa unlimited plan starttwenty dollars per month no contracts or hidden fees get fifty percent off your first month that pierre talk usacom promo code dave live from the headquarters of williams who solutions it's but dave ramsey show for debt is dawn cash is king and up eight off home mortgage has taken the voice of the double your house the status of focus i am daveramsey your host thank you for joining us america this is your show merry christmas to you open phones this hour at triple eight eight two five five two two five william is whether sinn columbia south carolina i william how are you hey i'm great god let me out of bed this morning it's got to be a good day there you go brother how can i help yeah well listen i'm 75 she said two with both retired me three times for once and uh we were looking you she's willing to start to buy some stocks and invest in stocks and bonds are stocks in i've you're still i think we're to oversee any future and that um we presently only o on a house will be paid off in july um we we on twenty eager to land i have a rental housing estate for a traitor this ageold i ran out uh no income on the trade on my granddaughters live minute i'm letting him that for free with a real house i get three hundred moslem this and and actually are monthly income from our retirement soon all right around sixty six hundred dollars a month tax on we have roughly fifty thousand dollars in in cds and savings.

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