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They talked about how the Biden administration will combat the spread of fake news there number of ways to combat misinformation One of them is accurate information and truth and data and On DCI ring information even when this hard to hear, and even when it is not a meeting the expectations of people at home who are desperate for this crisis to be over In his first hours as president, Biden has already signed numerous executive actions that reversed former President Trump's policies on immigration and climate change. The state of Texas had threatened to reduce the weekly number of covered 19 vaccine doses for Dallas County. That's unless a recently approved policy was not changed that policy. Prioritized shots for certain ZIP codes can the commissioner's men an emergency session this evening, and after heated discussion, they voted to resent the policy. Judge Clay Jenkins and John Morley. Price No. Last week we vaccinated 12,000 people. The majority of them were over 75 years of years old. An angle just 10 on an Anglo. And was not from disadvantaged communities. The state said The measure violated its goals to equitably distributing the vaccine. A small ship enough covered 19 vaccine doses is being administered in Collin County, but that's not enough to vaccinate the 135,000 people who have registered to get the shot. Carol Willis with Collin County Health Care Services says they're still aren't enough doses to open vaccine mega centers were sold, waiting to get word whether DSHS, the Department of State Health Services. Is going to allocate enough vaccines for us tow really get that off the ground. Nearly 7000 doses have been split up among the county health department, McKinney and Alan Fire departments and also Baylor, Scott and White in Plano. Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street. It wasn't update down was up by 2 58 at the bell. The NASDAQ was up by 260 points the S and P 500 up by 53. Right now. It's 43 degrees in downtown Dallas from the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. Your next update at 8 30 24 7 coverage is that w b a p dot com This'd is the news and talk of Texas. It's Kris Kross.

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