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I'm Peter Schwartz we begin with baseball will start with the American League wild card race is trying to do try to stay away so. the freed honorees radio raised with the angels eleven to four not Arlington and now the one one delivery is on the way it is going on in Los down the left field line. three run home Lorien ten to seven in favor the is in the sixth inning I was can Cora Connie's radio he's with the Rangers fourteen thirty nine the twins Indians gaming Cleveland postponed because of rain will be made as part of a doubleheader today the eighties now the first American League wild card spot leave the race by half game chapel one game lead over Cleveland for the second wild card spot. now the nationally to out top with the eight. Rios. fly ball to left field well here. on his way home. we're in real. that whole one hitting conveyor belt out all over the city. two run shot and now the Dodgers later nine to two Charley Steiner Dodgers radio Dodgers beat the Mets nine two as the cubs all the pirates seven CA the cardinals flight the brewers ten nothing cubs leave the brewers by a game of Phillies by two and a half the Mets by three for the second National League wildcard spot. elsewhere the Astros over the Royals four to one raise all live in angel's for. there was the Braves over the nationals five dubbing rights for Diamondbacks three the giants over the Marlins won nothing white Sox nine. mark mariners seven Rockies over the Padres ten to eight Muriel's beat the Tigers sixty two. the NFL will.

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