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Edition of the show. Not to be confused with barreling our way through the show that's only on Tuesdays that we barrel. But on Tuesdays we barrel harder than anybody else. Today. We work our way through the Wednesday show yesterday. We got ourselves a new governor governor Jared police sworn in on the steps the state capitol and. I did not watch any of the festivities. I was not there in than I I have to rely on the. Reviews of others who may have been more up to date, or you mean, you didn't hear the poem. I did not. But I was I was getting to that. Apparently. There was a poem. Yes. By a poet named. Anne waldman. Who is the loopy school in boulder neuropathy, and she's also by the way, I did not know that the poetry school at the Roper had been started by Allen Ginsberg. Yes. And Anne Waldman. They were they teamed up to start that. So she runs so she actually has him appear in his quoted in her poem. Excellent fantastic. So you've got that going for ya. Anyway. She did a poem yesterday. Not entirely well received. Dave, I'd like you to maybe talk about let me see how can I characterize it? The worst poem. I've ever heard. You're you're pretty classy. I valley. I valid. I. So. Country. I like I like Robert frost William Butler Yeats. But I didn't like hers, and it made me think about the worst poems in history, not only on earth, but in the universe, and it made me think of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Yes. Louis Adams, and in the beginning of it as earth is about to be destroyed and two survivors. Are on the spaceship, which is a vogue on spaceship Valence, the alien species called bogans whose main characteristic is they recite the worst poetry in the universe. And anyway, the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy explains they can do a better job than I can focus on poetry.

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