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During a dust storm. Tom Herman avai dot says they've combined proven technology in a way that's never been done before two different kinds of radar to identify when dust storms are approaching I ten and when visibility is reduced on. I ten. Blowing gusts permanent says to get that information to drivers they will be using closed. Circuit cameras variable. Speed limit signs and overhead message boards. The system should be in place by September bread. Paul fifty KFYI news look at your money. The Dow Jones industrial average gained sixty five points today closing at twenty five nine fourteen five fifty KFYI news time four oh two with look at east side, west side, traffic, here's John Klein and Steve Trela. Well, Deborah, we have slowing in the usual spots. Some of the worst of it in Scottsdale. One zero one southbound from via David all the way down to MacKillop's as well as state route one forty three near university. We are riding the brakes crash reported though, sixty eastbound at McClintock. And it looks like mcauliffe's is still closed from almost school over to the red mountain to to you can use country club, or maybe take all my school over to McDowell that will steer you clear. Taking a look at the west side. It's Steve trello. Well, we have slow traffic. I ten westbound this from sixteenth street all the way out to sixty seventh avenue. Just plan on one long slow go there, I seventeen busy. But well, you're looking a little bit slow on northbound side, we have an accident Indian school east of grand avenue and also seventy Fifth Avenue at Thomas next traffic. Four fifteen Steve trello, five fifty KFYI. I.

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