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And I I like that message as a fan, and it doesn't matter who you are. And that's that's the beauty of it. Because this is the rushing champion. This isn't your third running neck does this Damian Williams. Frank zomba. This is the rushing champion from last year. I understand it's not Todd Gurley. But it might as well be you know for the chiefs. Yeah. I mean, no, this certainly sets a precedent that will certainly send shockwaves throughout the rest of the team. If we can't let's talk about the football aspect because there certainly is a football aspect in this, obviously you're losing one of your best offensive players vied to give a ranking of the guys on the offense. And maybe the easiest one to overcome. I probably will put Sammy Watkins number one just because you have tyreek. And because you have Travis Kelsey, and you have Chris Conley. Damarcus Robinson Kareem hunt would probably be second just because of Spencer ware and the position Spence aware. I think is a capable number two. Now, I don't know if he can be your number one. I think we saw what happened. He's the number one. But spencer. Away or with this passing attack? And then you sprinkle in a little Damien Williams. Maybe you pick somebody up off the scrap heap. I don't think this damages the chiefs the way maybe maybe it would appear on the surface of losing a player as talented as Karima. I think this is something you can manage is given how dangerous or passing attack is it's hard to say that about this situation this podcast. And I want to say you understand the gravity of what happened today now that being said and you turn to page the football. What's funny is last month? I watched Spencer where you know. I forget what game was might have been against the Bengals. But I tweet it out. I said, you know, what this guy can start somewhere. He can't be on the chiefs next year because he can start. I think you have a starting running back behind Kareem hunt. So that's fortunate in it, and you mentioned Damian Williams, I think that's maybe your third down back in passing situations where he comes in. And he's a threat at through the air as well. I think you see both of them. I think he spent where more, but Damian Williams will definitely be in that mix. I believe it was the game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Because I remember thinking if you're going to let Spencer ware get screenplays on third and twenty no chance of winning this game. Yeah. You have no chance of winning this game. He's good. I got confidence and Spencer where like maybe that's certainly part of the situation. So we talk about like, maybe the gravity of the decision of if we gotta make this move at Kareem hunt. We feel really confident that we have a backup that can stop right in certainly the understanding the importance of what happened. But this is a position that you at least have a capable backup. Like the next man up mentality. You're going to lose something. I haven't Kareem hunter's lying that. But Spencer ware is probably what eighty percent of what cream aunt was eighty five percent of what Kareem Karimojos when you couple that with the passing attack. You're certainly capable offensively still. Yeah. I like I said, I've just really liked Spencer where in the way he's rebounded from the injury. I mean, he missed an entire year and came back and in his limited opportunities. This year has looked like a starting back. And now, you know, he he he does the right thing off the field. He's a guy that you can rely upon and you re insert him into this lineup. And I'm excited to see what he can do. This is not the end of the season..

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