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It can ask you. What's it like seeing him back there? And you know, how how has it been to see him racing? Great. You're not quite few times. But it's. Here in the field is amazing thing. You know, he he cheap so much since his accident that some believable, you know, I think he's accident normally for everybody would have been something that would have bringing down thing he brought new life for him. You know, new new things, and he's making the most of it. And you know, he's still blood a quick. From that dark day in two thousand one. Not much. You don't mean? I wasn't there. You know what? I mean. I think I remember everybody else that you know, the hide happen. You know, the spinning and everything, and it just you never thing is going to go, you know, dot big of of an accident. But you know that happens. Holly right down here in the front. Holly Kane from the NASCAR in the wire service. I wanted to ask you kind of your thoughts and your expectations coming in. And what's going to be like to co drive with some fantastic teammates here are expectations to win. And you know, I think that we have a platform to do that. If you look at the success that the team had last year is new team coming in and learning curve to catch up to the other teams. I think they didn't amazing job of that and already going into two this year. There's a lot of talk about how much you know, progress they've made. So I think that that's you know, a warrant for for good expectations. And these teammates are some of the best in the grid. I think and if you feel very fortunate to be able to have them to coach me up and give me up to speed quickly as possible guys. Thank you. Appreciate it. We'll see you soon. You know, what I think is really cool is is the fact that the Penske guys will bring over a driver another IndyCar driver from another IndyCar team in Alex Rossi. I mean, the the Penske guys are fulltime guys Castro visited Mongolia. Then you've got Cameron and Ricky Taylor when they do these around the clock things, you know. And and the fact they wanna bring another driver in. And there's a little cooperation there between the two IndyCar teams. I think is is terrific by bringing former Indy. Five hundred winner Alex Rossi over from Andretti's bunch to work with those Penske guys. I think that's very very cool. And of course, the reason why we talked to those guys as they have as good a chance as any to win this Rolex twenty four and they're always worth watching because they have the best -ment. And and some of the best drivers in terms of lineup so Castro Neves Montovia Taylor Cameron and Rosty. That's the Penske pod..

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