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The bills stir bill man. Bill. Bill. The name is Randy Randy A. Ster- only one copy for the rand. Man. How you doing champion I'm good man how are you got a band-aid on? Yeah I'm hanging. On for my entire soul is. Is kind of the way that it's been going with We could just jump right in this with the such a strange year all across the board I long for the days of the flattened curve nor that Supposed to be fifteen days right and no one I remember back in in March and all this happened while you know, let's do it for a couple of weeks and you know by April will all be through all this all done like you said, lightning the curve. Yeah boy were we wrong? Yeah how was it for you like? Obviously, you're busy guy as well in the town of everything shut down everything stopped everything around the me they're starting to fill in. Europe. I A call yesterday. That they're shooting in. Eastern Europe, in Italy. And every every country has their own rules. So you know they're up and gone, which is good news because people shooting is it's kind of a little more difficult than the last to really get gone I think he's going to be. The, US. In May be the UK. To get shooting, it's interesting though when you're talking I was just looking I was watching Netflix last night and I was thinking in about six months from now. All of those shows will be gone and they'll be nothing for like a whole eight months a year whatever right now the they'll they're going to do something you know yeah comedy. Special. did will literally just cut right under the wire. I. Think it was like literally the last comedy Special When did you film it February twenty ninth. Wow. Okay. Our last live show was march eleventh. You're right under the wire before they got lockdown was finished. I think everybody. Kind of shut it down by. Meryl, the Tenth Right or the eleventh there was over. Yeah. That's exactly. That's exactly right. So you're saying especially, really cool I want to talk about obviously I love the title of the Asian Mom. Mexican kids but it's great because it's just a jumper and talking about it. It's such a cool like bite sized forty-five minutes piece of comedy and a lot of people haven't seen. You do stand up in a while a lot of people don't even know that I did stand up i. mean that was the the thing about like why wanted to do this now was Just as. You know a document the show that this is how I started. I started out at the same time as Chris Rock and Adam, Sandler David Spade and I. Just I only got back into it. I mean it's been ten years seventeen stand up again and I just wanted to record it Netflix's nice enough to give me a a a special. Yeah. It's just long enough for me if you can't say which he needs same forty five minutes than you do something else with your life. Especially watching it you know as as especially if you're actually at the venue actually the last time I saw, Seinfeld live a couple of years ago. He went like forty five minutes. It was very much same idea. Yeah. Just gated in get an up let people people are thinking especially if you're seeing somebody in a theater thinking about how long it's GonNa take to get home the car you know where you par- dark it was somebody broke into the car, right? We know where? WE'RE GONNA call it can pick you up or like yeah. But at the same time, there's it's a little. More political dodgy era right now. So here's more stuff that I didn't include in the comedy special but may be a it's such a sensitive time me that people are so overreactive and it just didn't want to give people a reason to get upset. Yeah, it's funny because even watching it and they do such great voices invitations and like. You know like your wife or your mother-in-law they always have. Even if they don't have accents which is heard somebody on the Internet say like you can't do accidents anymore like one. Yeah. We'll even the whole thing with with the Chinese food, which is hilarious. I grew up with that. My I mean that's I mean I actually. End The special. Actually Speak Cantonese. Chinese visit Chinese that's like. For my friends who from Hong, Kong and they had the restaurant. got. I don't know what they want right and it's not the Chinese people who are who are upset about it. You know my friends are Chinese I. Don't know he's he knows if he a few sentences in Cantonese. Is usually like you know. People who are who aren't the specific initiatives usually something like white girl in Oregon is like pissed off and on doing an accident that. Is actually specific friend of mine but anyway, it's just A. You can't worry about it too much. You have to be aware of it as a problem, but you can't like let it stop you in and at the same time. I'm here to get laughs remember John cleese saying this about four years ago when I. flew to go see him such a huge fan. Yeah. V to and idle during his show and I flew out to go see him any said dutiful thing I'll never forget he said the maze sensitive members of society can't be the ones deciding what everybody else gets to listen to watch. Music is true right. If is bothering, you don't watch it but don't try to stop me doing it or stop somebody else from enjoying it. If it's mean spirited than you know it's different if you trying to hurt people and we're just getting a laugh and just expressing something happens you in your life. The news is a true true stories for the most part exaggerating true stores even talk about John cleese's. Fawlty Towers Fan Oh. Yeah. I think a couple of months ago. They took down the Germans x episode kind of buried that. Even. He commented on that like, yeah he did an obviously it was made in the mid seventies and it's a different type of humor, but it's still super hilarious and at the end Basil, who's who is the the main character that that cleese plays fawlty towers. If people who haven't seen it, he's the ultimate idiot and every time he ends up getting screwed because it's almost like an English archie bunker so to speak yes exactly and like the guy, the producer of that Fawlty Towers is real brilliant guy. He said the best description of said, what makes the best sitcoms situation comedies are horrible people acting? Horribly that's right because it's different. You don't see it all the time and you can just let relax and go my life sucks but look at this guy, you know. Yeah. They took about the German Steph I'm sorry the Germans were not seized me. They were mean most of them at a certain point in history. Nineteen thirty three to nineteen, forty, five and maybe forty seven in like Argentina. Well, the Basil gets hit on the head with a giant Moosehead and when he gets hit on the head with the Moosehead he kind of starts. Zipping back and forth between these Germans are in his tells that are not he's and he's says he don't say the word I think I said it once but I think I got away with a word of Nazi it's so funny it's brilliant Noel they've already tried to stifle so much of what's happening right now in popular culture that they have to go back in time and fix historical anti woke art and literature and pop culture. So I remember like I knew the cat was out of the bag when. Somebody who's in sacking John Wayne from interview. He did in Nineteen, seventy two in this guys dead since nineteen, seventy seven. You know. So I said boy really dig in the bottom of the barrel but I also think like if you look at bloggers, which is what most of these people are in I, don't say that derisively, but I do. Amino derisively in my heart. Factor matters you have to ride like ten or twelve. Articles to make a decent living and sell at a month. You know dopes Eke by in so it's whatever you can get whatever selling. Yeah. You know it's like whatever whatever the thing is that people they think that you know it's gonna grabs my balls be click bait and I think it'll say Alba will and what started this was talking about your Chinese food restaurants, which is great and that's something you discuss quite In depth into Netflix comedy special, Asian Mama Mexican kids I WanNa talk about some of the material in that show. But I, you guys know that we do Awa dynamited dailies place in Jacksonville Florida every week, and that is outside, which means a lot of those matches are happening in stifling heat and humidity. So let me tell you about something that I found. That's..

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