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There is anything that talks about how HR practitioners can do due diligence I know because I've looked and I've attended conferences I've attended classes and there's really not a lot of emphasis on due diligence. This book actually came out of presentation that I did for the Conference Board during one of their HR emanate conferences and I sat down and I put together the skeleton of my thoughts about what makes perfect due diligence and it was so well. Received I was asked to give that a couple more times to the same audience and I went. Gosh, there really is a need here then so I took those ideas and I took the best practices both from the work that I've done and the things that I learned from others that pure learning and I put it into a hundred and seventy eight pages that I believe any age are emanate practitioner could take and really plug in their due diligence playbook. And again, this isn't necessarily something on a large serial acquirer needs because they know how to do due diligence something that individual practitioner that person who is part of a company that is looking to buy they can take the lessons learned in this book and hopefully plug it right into what they're doing as HR practitioners so that they can help make deals more successful. Point I was really interested in the views you brought in the book because it sort of gives a lot of light to what the responsibilities are for an HR practitioner. Amazon I found it very valuable for those that may not directly be an HR role but can get a much better understanding of it because it is really important. On when we look at the studies that are out there and these aren't studies by HR groups, a organizations obviously have a self interest in making sure that HR as a profession gets a little more respect out there. But these are group's like in in Mackenzie and other organizations that look specifically at emanate and the financial aspects, and they all say that we don't pay enough attention to the people aspects of a deal at the right time I talked with a lot of practitioners that don't get involved in deal until after announcement has happened and then they're scurrying to play catch up and there are. Really Limited opportunities after announced to do any kind of mitigation or planning work, sometimes you get stuck with things that were put together even as far back as the L. A. Y. That really didn't belong in the L. A.. Y.. But there's nothing you can do to fix them if hr is brought in late and so it's not just HR people saying this is folks that are in the world of emanate that are saying you gotta look at the people aspect sooner, and hopefully with this book, it provides a roadmap to those things that we hr practitioners can do to help make deals more successful..

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