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Vine is from ninety years ago instagram story does that you know i know that waiting for the new baseball season is like waiting for the new phone book to come out or try to buy music legally or whatever the heck it is but i'm an old school guy you know and the rest you you can just head count down the days to the nfl draft and you know watch the young boys run around at pro day old men taking detailed notes and everything they do and snapping pictures of him shirtless that's what happened that's that sound creepy yeah because it is deeply creepy they don't do that in baseball now they don't they're they let them wear clothes in this day decent distance from them respectable people that's right stu gods we are going to get to your weekend observations next i'm sorry that the creative content and i've never been so happy bossie jim brock myers around state warriors if we're looking at them as an injured butch because they're not gonna win claes banged up to right that's essentially what you're saying if you're just joining us we are watching i take with jim brock meyer his new show brock meyer season two premieres april twenty fifth on i have see we are back with jim brock meyer after this donlevatar the last time you were that angry or passionate about something never ever never never in my life i've never i've never cared about anything or anyone the way that he cares about it not being the united states tour tyrrell's stugatz all kinds of pills.

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