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Got hands i don't forget airplane with what i layer that's that's all anybody on those plane lane i'm not make adapts yet birds remake of jets we had him in the studio on friday you know i have i thought this this weekend opening in seventh place and one the original movie stars larry wilcox gave the movie chest up her affect her via i thought wow this is like soft porn of dumbing dumber on motorcycles too when you doing ian just room the imagery of a california arbitral talking to deck shepard there he's also pissed he was an invited to the premier they didn't invited me a i how it you to the movie said no i'm so i said okay so i guess i don't wanna similar to battle and i found out later they did user in a sierra fit the red carpet just tech you talk about eric estrada i heard that people that went to go see it literally got up and walked two whatever the movie was in the next leader over from them like it with nine dollars it was all those terrible and and they say that you know the movie was like sparse is first people to begin with but they said that there was at the end of movies empty theaters but there is nobody in the theater by the end in because everybody couple leaving in why do you is that like because it was diamond motorcycles like i where that i mean cause diamond dumber the jokes or just that's stupid but they're huge movies but i think they're funnier guys like dak shepard to me is and you know i mean nice guy funny like money michael playing is actually kind of funny unlike doses i don't know if he's co star funny that but now another remake beating the piece number one again at the backstop the you know the fact the funny thing was i saw that like people going to see chips just because they love parenthood and they thought oh my god i loved him in parenthood may wentz gonna tell like this is going to be different hey for all today thirty check out the dirty page on mojo in the morning the liberty dirt directly from the story he was getting all mojo in the morning.

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