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All right. We are back on the knife jumpy podcast Hope you are enjoying this video addition if you're watching on Youtube, it's not the I was GonNa say Static Audio Graham, but it's a it's an audio. Graham which which means it's not static. Movie But the way forms are moving but just the picture. So hopefully, you're liking this better again let us know. We would like to hear some comments about this as well as. Kind of what you do like what you don't like any suggestions for improvement where all about trying to make the show is. Good as it can be. So we would love to hear from you just be gentle with me because I am video newbie. So take it easy on me I. appreciate that. All right. Let's Let's let Bob Talk. Let's let Bob bloviate state of the collection Bob you trade it in a knife or something you have been warning for a while I did traded in something that I wanted for a while had loved and then okay. So yeah, I'm I traded my Medford Slim. which was a beautiful knife and I got it from. Alex. from Alex Box, he gave me a screaming deal. And When I got that I got another night from him too. So ordinarily, this is the way I work ordinarily I'd say I, I can't get rid of that I bought that from Alex Alex is my buddy. It's almost kind of the gift thing can't get rid of a gift night In this case, I got two knives with that purchase and the other one The Emerson Iron Dragon means way more to me though I love this US limiting but So I, headed up on blade forms and someone came along and said. I'd love this limit. Can I trade you my new in box trm Adam? And Employment and I said yes and we did that and so sitting at my desk at work I think I think it came on Friday while I was hiking is the trm had him and you know I've been we've had Marianne Halpern show number of times says she was on the interview she's been on A Tory. Yeah to the knife town halls and she's awesome and and three rivers. Manufacturing makes incredible knives from from what we hear from everybody and the one that is really in my wheelhouse is the atom. It's got the three point six inch blade and and it just a beautiful profile and it looks like the perfect combination between total utility and and just simply beautiful as that accent that's right up my alley plus the the cool thing about most of these trm knives if not, all of them is that they make it easy to swap out the Scales and then they make a bunch of different scales available. So instead of having to disassemble the knife to change the scales he just. Remove a couple of tops screws take the scale of but a new scale on. So it's A..

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