Iggy, LEE, Rabin discussed on Rose Buddies - Ep. 74: Horse Poop Censorship


Eric ends up confronting a lot of the guys because iggy decides to go to rachel and explain his issues with eric and how he's concerned that eric doesn't believe that she israeli investing in the process iggy like lies like iggy straight applies like says like yeah he said that you were uh it he's what eric so i can't remember our real do you think she's taking this uh and rachel's hello that's that's fine you know like i undersigned have no problem with on an utterly he like doubles down in the cycle yeah he said that he didn't think you're being genuine or the he had concerns about whether you rabin genuine on hasn't when he said but like iggy just wanted to get a fucking the whole word in an incident iggy goes to tell eriko hey by the way i just told on you i eric so why why would do that why are you talking about me what does that have to do with you uh and he's aguado just feel like you know you have a lot to figure out uh and eric was that's great for me and i i mean i appreciate the concern in the in vice but what does it have to do with me and rachel um and and then he eric decides to go back to the room because lee also brings up his concerns to rachel uh and then rachel decides to look for eric and say hey what's going on i mean i'm gonna let you keep your rose but i i have my antenna up because i'm worried that i'm hearing all this stuff from the other guys and that's when eric sawyer gathers up like everybody in house in says like i don't know what i did too like make everybody start targeting me like this but like.

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