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Like a western bacon cheeseburger barbecue sauce jalapeno kick it's pretty much what you'd expect sauteed jalapenos and then up jack cheese mushroom and swiss self explanatory ori and the patty melt which you mentioned mitch because they have a they have a steak burgers insult or insert they have so many menus there we got like five menus a piece there were so many different menus to go through which was kind of overwhelming but the steak burger ins insert which has all the the the burgers does not have the patty melt that is there only seven mate so this is something that you cut your like we also want the patio need the patio we got we got we got three fours of fry three hours of onion rings because it came with a side yeah and two orders pass browns for those eight burgers it comes with a side and a drink which i think is a pretty good value and and to get nick i got the wait hold on a road down which i skip ahead on yes no no no please no this is this is fine this is we have to get this out i got the splash splash what the fuck was called because i got the same wash berry that's what it was you got a tropical cooler tropical i'll say this about the splash berry i like the splash berry i i like those i like those splash drinks i think they're they're they're well executed and they've got like that little bit of fresh fruit which is nice and they're not too syrupy they're just they're just kind of like crisp and fresh with a little bit of sweetness so we were all these burgers we wait for what feels like about a half an hour yeah we had a little bit of a delay we have we have been a lot of food and we some cooking time the burgers come out a plate there's you know there's there's there's four of us there me mike carlson nick at i hob four of the same burgers come four identical burgers for with all with fries and immediately something seemed wrong where we're met you and i are both worried and mike concern what i jumped to is ono this guy misunderstood he didn't think we wanted eight burgers thought we he didn't think one eight burgers to the table he wanted eight burgers apiece and i thought we were going to get eight different we're going to thirty two plates yes i was i was i was shocked bug band at this point had taken out his cameras recording us do you actually i mean i and not to put you on the spot bug do you have that video at the ready because maybe our reactions can give a little bit of context of our mental state because we we should maybe saved the video for online because who knows what's on it well we can play it and we can always edit it out right all right sure i bug is going to play this video.

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