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Em if a director Matthew Teitelbaum says they're opening up museum in phases, with a number exhibits on display being shut down and witnessing some of the events of 2020 allowed the FAA to pivot and focus on the issues surrounding communities. Today, when the visitor comes in, the first thing they'll see is black. History's black futures, which is a really remarkable exhibition organized primary from our collection by a group of youth from Boston, Gen. Paul in missed taking her 11 year old daughter, Meena to the museum. Meena is part of the young, a Spectrum program I tear up when I talk about it. It's just It's such an important part of our family. The museum is requiring visitors to register online first, and then when they arrive, they will be screened at the door. The town of Fair Haven is re opening the Fort Phoenix scan ticket, neck and West Island beaches this morning. That is as long as there are no further shark sightings in the area. A shark sighting off Hackers Street Beach yesterday afternoon force police Shut down the beaches for the day. There haven't been any more sighting since their hair. The Fair Haven harbor Master will patrol the area this morning to make sure that the water's air, safer swimming and boating. They say you should probably stay out of the water, though, until they have been able to make their patrols its fall. The leaves are starting to change the nights there cooling down and one more sign of the Times. Apple picking season is here and it's open at Bert's B farms in Peabody this year. There's some safety measures, though that are in place. Guests will have to wash their hands and a hand washing station before they head off to fill up their baskets, and they've marked a path for pickers to walk. Also, people will have to social distance going from tree to tree, but that's pretty easy to do in an orchard, they say. They also to say that a lot of people have already visited the farm and that they may be all picked out before their season. Typically ends is 508 time now for Bloomberg business returned to office. Yes, push is underway as businesses fear productivity and company culture are suffering. The death of work from home has been written. Tony Malcolm is the head of Empire State Realty Trust, which saw office space in Manhattan empty out in the pandemic. Bernard Gershon, president of Gershon Media, believes Malcolm's pronouncement is wishful thinking to say that worked from home is dead. It's just idiotic. Some firms have suffered infection setbacks as they bring workers back. But the moment the data says only 10% office workers air back. Gershon is the type of business leader that Malbin believes has to set an example. On March 5th. I left New York City and yes, I've been the Hamptons. I think it's time for people to get out of the Hamptons and get out of Aspen and get out the mountains and show up to work. The leaders who are very comfortable in their their their country, homes need to lead Return to office Push is gaining steam. But business is air, struggling with a virus that won't always cooperate. I'm Mona Rivera Bloomberg Business on W. B Z, Boston's NewsRadio and Coming up on the campaign trail, the latest rallies and virtual conferences. The candidates held this weekend where they are and who they're targeting. That's coming up next, along with sports, traffic and weather is 509. Who will be.

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