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The idea of remaking that film, but it's still a human cost, but instead of the the MVP and being amazing Merman issues the puppet and just the the end spoiler when they're by finis e and she gets show and he, he's that look of absolute love that have encapsulated there in pop it for would be hilarious. Yeah, I could definitely get on board with that. I think that's a good one. And already someone could even add it. If I knew was lesson has a spare, like, you know, twelve hours if you want to edit shape. But instead of the Merman, you know, some kind of lame puppet. Very make holiday. And the one in my head was Reservoir Dogs, just that everyone's human except obviously the main costs and just the stuck in the stuck in the middle of you saying with puppets being credible? Yes, skids as a whole gangsta muppet of that. The Hanson, if you're listening gangster muttered movie, you can even use a couple of the same characters as you happy time murders that could be an absolute winner. Imagine Bronson film Bronson. Yes, I've got mobile point own, fuck you. All we, Larry is popular snatch snatch bricks hop as a puppet. Yeah, gangster movie. Next, come on. Let's get this message to them just so for now, obviously we've got way days, but we don't want to disclose them on the podcasts in case some of stills them. So you here in our be games today is now right Flynn. John good work stuff. So there you have it what films you think would make hilarious remains as puppets. Let us know on Twitter at talk filming to me..

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