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Members of Congress and their staffs were involved in talks about events to protest last year's presidential election including January 6th That's according to a report in Rolling Stone which cites two individuals involved in the process One is reportedly an organizer while the other is a planner of the rally in Washington D.C. They say Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene Paul gosar Andy Biggs Lauren bobert Madison Cawthorn mo Brooks Louie gohmert and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows were involved in talks about the events or had their staff members join in on the conversations The rally organizers says gosar brought up a possible blanket pardon in an unrelated probe Rolling Stone also says the congressional committee investigating the deadly riot has heard from three people involved with the D.C. rally that day House speaker Nancy Pelosi is remaining tight lipped on her future plans They're making announcement right here and now The California Democrat was asked on CNN State of the Union whether she would seek reelection next year Pelosi has led House Democrats for more than a decade and is in her second stint as speaker She's been in Congress for more than 30 years and said her decision about running again would begin with a family conversation It comes as some Democrats have been wanting Pelosi and her top deputies to step aside and bring in a new generation No funeral will be held for Brian laundry after inconclusive autopsy results According to the family's attorney no manner or cause of death has been determined the partial remains of the 23 year old are now being sent to an anthropologist for further analysis The remains will then be cremated and no service will be held Laundries remains were found last week in a Florida nature preserve after he disappeared 6 days before the body of his missing fiance Gabby potato was found in Wyoming Tom Brady has made more history by becoming the first quarterback in NFL history to throw 600 touchdown passes He threw number 600 Sunday against the bears Mike Evans caught it and then threw it to a fan in the stands the record setting ball was eventually retrieved I'm Chris courage The director of photography killed on a movie set in New Mexico was remembered by hundreds last night who came out for a candlelight vigil in Albuquerque Let's just take a moment Halena Hutchins was fatally shot with a prop gun by award winning actor Alec Baldwin on the set of a western titled rust addressing those who gathered on Saturday evening international cinematographers guild president John lindley described the 42 year old Hutchins as a mother a wife and an accomplished cinematographer He added she was beloved talented respected and loving The investigation into the shooting continues no charges have been filed A salami snack is being linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened nearly 20 people across 8 states Ashoka reports The CDC issued a food safety alert against Citi Rio brand premium Italian style salami sticks The product is carried at Trader Joe's and some other grocery stores nearly half of the people sickened by the snack or in California others in Kansas Minnesota Illinois Michigan Virginia New York and New Jersey the CDC warned on Saturday against consuming the product regardless of its best by date Reporting a remake of the 1984 sci-fi epic is the new top movie in North America dune earned $40 million in its first weekend in theaters in the U.S. and Canada Last week's top film Halloween kills was second taking in 14 and a half million bucks coming in third is the James Bond picture No Time to Die with nearly 12 million rounding out the top 5 or venom let there be carnage followed by the animated family movie Ron's gone wrong California lottery officials say nobody picked all 6 numbers in last night's super lateral plus drawing That means Wednesday's jackpot will be worth $29 million Saturday's numbers were 5 20 31 33 45 and the mega number was 21 The odds of matching all 6 numbers in the super Lionel plus game is one in 41 million As for tomorrow night's Powerball drawing that's worth 93 million I'm Chris courage And I'm Doug Kristin at Bloomberg world headquarters in New York Let's check this hour's top business stories and the markets Crude oil continuing to rally now in the electronic session with WTI at 84 70 the gain here is nearly 1.2% That's after a rising one and a half percent in the New York session on Friday WTI was up for a 9th consecutive week in New York trading last week This gain seems to be tied to the easing of travel restrictions along with a slow recovery of U.S..

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