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And then when I'm already intoxicated, it gets even worse. Like a challenge. It wasn't even that, like you guys would spin the wheel and it landed on everyone takes three shots, and I'll I was like, how? How do just one shot? How about three people do one shot, sort of what I three. And you're like, no, and you grab the bottle. Chugging it. It was a the best decision, not a, not at all. It was for charity is a good cause. There's a, there's a wing of the children's hospital now named after Hristo, which it'd be faster cheese domain. No God, no, that she still. When's the last time you? So beckon? I say it all the time. We grew up in towns really close to each other, like small towns out on the border. When's the last time you were you were down there. Down there in June, wait, no, wait. I didn't go to Korea, but I went to Konkan in July Hooker out closer to Volvo. Yeah, organ content. Can you say? Yeah, we have a house there. You know, it's like the the revere of the south west, right? It was like ten houses there now they're townhouses. Yeah. Okay. All along. So see, I went for my birthday speaking of this because I wanted to get away from everyone and have some peace and quiet for a weekend there. Yeah, it's really, really scenic. Haven't taken a vacation like that where you just go to some cottage or like a cabin or something in the middle of nowhere. Just like spend time there. I've done like work retreat, things like to work on something and then like go to like an Airbnb or cottage or something, and just like lock in leave really four or five days. I mentioned that'd be really fun. I mean, we were working like a lot so, but it was like very cathartic in a weird way back. Yeah. Like, hey, we have a job. We're not leaving this this place until. I did something similar but kind of the opposite. And I'm gonna tell you what that is right after I read this thing,.

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