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Look, look, if there's one thing we all agree on it's the you don't ever want the referee or the umpire to affect the outcome of the game. Correct. And we've all been there. We've all seem our team get ripped because of a bad. Call a bad a bad decision by an empire. Aref this event that happened at the US open over the weekend with the Serena Williams match was one of the craziest things I've ever seen in the history of professional sports, and it's really become a litmus test for how people look at it. A lot of people think Serena Williams was mostly responsible for what happened because of her behavior. Others say that it's the grossest example of sports sexism that they've ever seen on television before. So for folks who don't know what was happening. This was the US open women's final. Serena Williams trying to win her twenty four th grand slam and she is playing an excellent young player who's twenty years old named Naomi OSA who by the way, the first ever Japanese, and I never. American to to win a grand slam as she eventually ended up winning. But there was a lot of controversy, and let's go through a little bit. With the Bruce report from CBS halos soccer is a powerhouse from the baseline that blew through six US open matches to meet up with tennis legend, an idol. Serena Williams in the final match. Serena was battling back in the second set. When a hand gesture was interpreted by chair umpire Carlos Ramos as coaching okay now, that's important place to start coaching is illegal in tennis. Right. As was discussed a great deal after the match yesterday. Every coach in every match coaches from the stance. Right. It never gets called. Now. He's part of his hand motion was a thumbs up. And that is what she said. She saw that's what she said. She saw she said. And this was this was what this is what started the snowball that got Serena so upset and understandably because she felt that she was being accused of cheating. She's like look he gave me a thumbs up. Yup. I am not a cheater. That's not what's going on here. By the way, the coach the interview with the coach after the match said I was one hundred percent coaching. Admitted that he was coaching. But he also pointed out that everybody coaches all the time. Always why was this called? Call call. Ever ever? And especially not in the finals of a US open. Exactly as we always talk about whether it's Super Bowl or Stanley Cup final. Or whatever it when it gets to that point. You let the players play you try to interfere as little as possible. All right. So she got a warning for that. And she was really ticked off. And you know for somebody who is arguably the greatest athlete of all time. It was surprising to see how rattled she was by that by that warning because she would not let go in every opportunity. She had she kept going back over to Carlos Ramos. And she kept yelling at him. And say you owe me an apology. You won't mean apology. Were you a little bit surprised by that you guys that she didn't just let it go? I was because obviously it's a very tense time. Anyway, you're in the final of the US open. But then I started thinking about everything that she is up against all the time as a tennis player. This is this is decades worth of disrespect that comes. Away, and it had to be just building and building and building and knowing that it's never called and knowing the things that are about to come up in this story, right? Never called. Yes. I would have snapped decades ago. She has had problems at the US open in the past with line judge judges and whatnot. I mean, she has had some legitimate complaints even going into this. So in her mind, she's like what the F again with this. What do I have to do? All right. So we've got the coaching warning. Now. Then set off a string of violations at cost her a point. And then a game. Okay. So she's so mad that at one point she smashes her tennis racket on the court, which is now they take a now they take a point away from her. They give the the next the next round starts with fifteen for her opponent because of that. And that's automatic for every player men and women. Right. I think so. Yeah, I think that is. Yeah. That's considered bad foreign, right? Okay. But because she keeps screaming and eventually ends up calling the empire a fief. That's when they take a game away from her. Now, you're already fighting for your life. She's already behind in this US women's open final. Okay. Now, they take a game away, which seems incredibly extreme. This is where I say it's all on the empire who should have been above that. And should have let that fly. And as she points out. I think we'll hear this in the story. There's a you could put together a ten hour real of men SCR. Streaming much worse things than that. I'd watch that screaming at Carla's run. I think it's Carlos Ramos. Right. That's right. Yes. Screaming at him. Yes. Video after video after video, and he sits there and takes it because it's not a woman yelling at him at. I got to have a woman yell at you. You have no peanuts. You have lost. All your thoughts. I know that there are some people who say, hey, we interject race and sexism into stories too much when it's not applicable. I think based on the evidence of Carlos Ramos in the past in the abuse that he's taken from other players. I don't think there's any other way to look at it as this was either racism or sexism because he was very quick to say to you. You lose a game. I'd like to say that there is a third option, which is that she rubs him the wrong way. And he's annoyed by her from the beginning doesn't have to be sexism racism Ecuador. Also be thing. Then maybe he shouldn't be calling her Matt agreed. Agreed. If he's got a preexisting bias. All right. Let's hear some more. So. Okay..

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