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You know a fringe first round prospect. They wind up getting him. Early in the third round I think that they the the results that came from the process that they chose a turned out to be pretty good and I think the judge Jones decent chance that he starts right away over Justin Marine Arizona. Yeah interesting what Brandon. Thorn has to say about that once. We get his stuff as we get closer to the season. Let's move to the Atlanta Falcons They took first round offensive Lineman last year than these third round. Pick this year on Mad Hennessy. But but look they passed on? Sealand which we talked about on Friday. They pass on all wide receivers really and I know you think very lowly of Russell Gauge. I don't think Russell teachers any kind of world-beater but Russell gauge did average over eight targets per game down the stretch. Last year I believe was final. Five or six games mentioned him In my fantasy winners article you can check out on the site. And also you know Falcons two zero R. BS so tigers competition is pretty dusty. I'm Brian Hill Quadra. Allison the judge Ito Smith. I was a little bit surprised. That falcons didn't at least try to get in upgraded third wide receiver again upgrade at running. Back what did you think about? What the Falcons did in the draft while they had a pathetic cowardly draft. But that's you know real life take in not necessarily applicable to fantasy and you mentioned Russell gauge all of a sudden. He's like a PR back in late. Round sleeper running routes between Calvin Ridley and Julio Jones. And he's GonNa get more opportunity than people think I mean that's why they should have taken C. D. lands. Then in that scenario. They wouldn't have to do this with Russel Gage but now they're probably GonNa have to and he did have some Some positive moments last season. you're right at the running back nate into anything and they're going to bring back. Brian Hill and Edo Smith and You know a Buncha replacement level Backs BEHIND TODD? Gurley and I started doing my my initial run of running back. Rankings and I mean he's he's coming out pretty nice in that. Rb Fifteen area last year. He did not have setbacks with his knee And they the Rams Raynham pretty hard in the second half of the year I think that this is going to be. I think it's GonNa be a pretty good offense in Atlanta. I think it's not as good as it would have been if they had they taken. Cd Lamb. But I think that their offensive line JAKE MATTHEWS ALEX. Mack The right side has gotten a lot better left guard. James Carpenter was or the. The right side is made up of the first round picks from last year. Caleb Garin Chris Lindstrom and then left Dr James Carpenter not very good a lot of experience but not very good is GonNa get pushed by Matt Hennessy. They draft third round was a guy that had a lot of second round buzz And Come at temple ethic is a guy that.

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