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For the Dodgers will be jock Pederson leading it off in the right field Max Muncie first base. AJ Pollock in left field hitting third. the first right handed hitter to come up as Johnny Cueto in the giants take the field. twenty Ballenger hits cleanup center field Corey Seager shortstop. the young catcher Will Smith. the is hitting six Gavin locks the rookie second baseman in the seventh spot ki K. Hernandez third base and the Walker Buehler is the pitch about a nine for the giants will be Mike yes friends he right field. Brandon down at first base Evan Longoria third base. Stephen vo doing the catching had a clean up. the Willie mac award winner Kevin Paul aren't center field Alex Dickerson implants branded Crawford shortstop Mauricio do Bon second hitting eight and Johnny Cueto the pitcher batting nine. before the ball game Bruce don't cheat and we were talking about. anything other than the young players who had made an impression issue with the giants and then the Kevin polearm was not on the radar when the season started he began the the regular season with another team before the giants acquired. the forty twenty before the game about Clark well I knew he was a good player you know he's watching from afar but you know when you have my day in and day out you really appreciate the you know his gifts and talents in the end and the fact is is so dependable durable I I can run him out there every day and they just where he plays in and I thought that would be contagious we got him over here and I think it was because he gets after every day could you not you know. I just really take for granted is find ago and I've run about they're pretty much every gaming notes couple weeks ago and again couple days ago it's today you tell me you care your way here you need a day or two here this.

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