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They are just running inside their stores for quick moment the stickers on display have thermometer showing how fast cars can overheat in the summer and just thirty minutes, the inside of a car can go to one hundred thirty eight degrees on a one hundred degree day is your AC unit. Ready for these temps? Mike Donnelly with Donelly service in a recommends setting your thermostat to seventy eight degrees or higher to shave some money off your Bill and do your research. When it comes to getting your unit service, it's super important to check out the. Contractor who you're hiring and get a good one versus just a low price offer. You know somewhere that's being advertised, also says, make sure to keep all vents open, including and rooms, you aren't using or open doors. If possible to promote airflow. KTAR is on the economy sky harbor is getting three and a half million dollars to rebuild aprons where planes, parked to refuel, and load and unload passengers and luggage. It's part of twenty one million dollars in infrastructure grants. The US department of transportation is giving to seventeen Zona airports. The Phoenix Mesa gateway, or, or for taxiway reconstruction window rock is getting three point one million runway reconstruction in Buckeye, municipals, getting one point seven taxiway improvements. The FAA's Ian Gregor says in all three hundred eighty one airports across the country sharing eight hundred forty million dollars in grants. If artificial intelligence hasn't affected your workplace yet. At least one expert says it's just a matter of time technology will continue to transform jobs from finance accounting to legal and marketing. Mcdonald's senior executive director at Robert Half says that's a good thing in order to keep pace with technology, companies or planning to higher up in. Also, to train up on the existing workforce. In other words, while there might be a impact there's going to be two times as many people impacted positively take advantage of any opportunity. You get to learn new skills. Daria Albinger, ABC news familiar face. For President Trump it today, seventy fifth anniversary ceremony of the invasion. At normandy? Be seated behind President Trump at today's day in verse reserach Mony in Normandy, France was Sydney Walton or one hundred year old American federation of World War, Two Walton was one of several World War, Two veterans who met with President Trump in the Oval Office on April eleventh, the president that day called Walton a great hero. And a great gentleman and said this like you someday. One hundred Karen Travers, ABC news, Washington. KTAR news time, eight thirty seven. For traffic and in the valley Chevy dealers, traffic center steady Sullivan. All right. You've got this accident on the loop one on one headed westbound at seven street. Two. Right lanes are blocked right.

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