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With promo code Smart Talk radio 6 80 WC FBI reclassified the congressional baseball shooter and would be assassin as a domestic violent extremist, ditching the much maligned suicide by cop theory that those on the field had condemned as unreal listed. It came after survivors raise pressure last month after Ohio Republican Brad Wind Strip made the original designation during a hearing with FBI Director Christopher Ray. The gunman, James Hodgkinson, fired well over 100 rounds of the congressmen, their aides and others present on the ball field on June 14th of 2017 after asking whether Republicans or Democrats were practicing there, Hodgkinson was a left wing activist and former volunteer on independent Senator Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign and was vocal about his views on Social media. Ready. Bennett reporting several people injured, one critically. In a gas See explosion near Baltimore, officials say several vehicles and structures involved breaking news and analysis of town hold dot com Talk radio 6 80 Wcbm. South Carolina Republicans have selected true McKissick to lead them for a third term as chairman at the statewide gathering of delegates, McKissick turned back a challenge from a recent transplant of the state who portrayed himself as the candidate most closely aligned with former president Trump. Kissing face three challengers, the most vocal of which was Linwood, who repeatedly accused because sick of not truly supporting Mr Trump, because McKissick didn't argue that Joe Biden's victory should have been overturned. Rhonda. Roster reporting, Dallas police say one man has been arrested now in the murder of a little four year old boy whose body was found lying on a neighborhood street. Dallas police. I first learned of it when a jogger Saw the body and called 911. Wall Street's Friday down. Industrials up 360 points, the NASDAQ climbed 304. More on these stories. A town hall dot com Baltimore is listening to talk radio 6 80 wcbm body through the rest of the afternoon with an occasional shower.

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