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And uh we take the subway here and maybe for tripled we would have taken not the subway negative right exactly so uh but i think you bring up a good point about facebook's roll across all media so were ten years into the arrival of the iphone and and i think what you're now seeing is the drumbeat of a lot of press um a round um you know his big tech uh the equivalent of big backup from the fifties and sixties the the arrival of the facebook messenger product for kids i thought was a very scary concept and the article that the atlantic wrote a few months ago about that was that really took the tech companies to task for building products that take advantage of human role in abilities around addiction i thought was quite profound and you know whether it's the new york times piece about teenage anxiety and i just i headline that in georgia automotive fatalities have gone up 35 percent attributed to distracted driving um i forget which city now gives people tickets if they cross the street on their phones because of the number of people can hit by cars and bicycles so i think there's a larger issue which is the um the massive addiction which has yet to be fully identified in terms of what the solutions are i think disrupted everything the press slows the facebook's abare facebook gugo however the tables of turn things are are are not looking up for you immortal will not sure how it's actually gonna pan out his business but you but you think there is there there it's not just journalists enduring schadenfreude you had roger maqdah me who made a ton of money ride in early facebook i believe introduced them cheryl to mark wright his brother was a partner at elevation who basically was the first to call you know uh basically you know facebook the equivalent of kind of signal knows now there's a well established trend of of people who have made a lot of money on facebook survived sean parker say all three should facebook terrible mistake i wish had never done i'm happy to be rich by the way for the facebook morning ride may no money out face out so i can be.

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