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But credit to add credit to my other friends. They all went to bat for me. That consoled me and then they wanted to find the due to. Scrap. All right. We're going to have a knock down. Drag out. He apparently after be last. And they couldn't find him. And I found out who was later didn't in probably never saw him again after that moment, but it showed me a couple of things jay showed. I think I cried because barest. told, one. He I think hidden down deep below the surface of of my. My life was. Here, we go again with alcohol in my dad kind of all that he had done and gone through. and pain that he caused me kind of rearing its ugly head in one moment, just kind of punched in the face by somebody who had been drinking. And Yeah, there was a lot of emotions, and when I told story that my call steepness like we got this in the book, and let's unpack this. And I said okay. Let's try Boxes in the Attic Memories for sure we brought it back out. His name's Jason Romano and books called lifted. Forgive moving forward when those we love. Hurt us, and you're listening to him here on a new direction. Hey folks, you know our sponsors epoch physical therapy and of course Linda. Crafted team realtors. Listen I WANNA, talk about epic physical therapy, because their facility offers the most advanced top of the line equipment, including the alter G, anti gravity treadmill, which by the way you can just take the pressure off your joints, and you can still run and I I can't speak for your joints, but I can tell you that when it comes to my joints. Anything I can get to take pressure off. My joints just feels better all right. That's just the truth, right? They also have the Norma Tech compression sleeves the game ready.

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