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That was brilliant I've been using location they've been sending it to my apartment it's unbelievable I gots case so I'd ever told a story when we did the out on the last one there was I opened my door in there was like a big bag from I thought it was supposed to be for my neighbor okay mcgarvy must have got the wrong address but I still took inside okay oh I see to pay for yeah perfect so then I open it up and there's all these wonderful meals and I was fucking hungry I think it might even after we recorded a podcast one night and I threw one of them in the microwave as Dake on the steak with unbelievable saw frosh debt so I crush one of the meals and then on the bottom of the thing was the letter and obviously then I found out it was to me Oh you actually crush on your neighbors or such d'oeuvres business like it was great I crushed a meal that I was and I crushed the girl who tied Verde Park out time out time out because we hadn't had them as a sponsor yet so no savelli I go does anyone know why there's food at my door I I don't I never Texaco Brunelli in the next episode already did the read I go that's why adding that stake I had these at a shitty move that was dirtbag I would have put the fire Spec I've got six meals on and I would put five meals back under my neighbor my neighbor's door we haven't we hired a film crew outsource out of your Shakaki so basically the complete opposite of audio that we hired for our live show here and they're disgusted by the fact that I would have Stolen meal for my neighbors wait we were talking about how the fact is the second highest scoring player in the League imposter knock Yup we need talk about the League's leading scorer now do not talk about him nearly enough John Carlson and as the offensive defenseman of the bunch wit I said on NHL Network he doesn't get that much credit and who's with us the other night that mentioned well maybe it's because he's also poised to Ovechkin and backstrom and coups that's often and that's true but so to be the guy up top of a power play like that there were tons of responsibilities yeah it looks like you're sliding over over one ts well they have to be in the perfect spot so you have to have head fakes you have to have quick buck woman to be able to pull it off because they're obviously everyone's cheating towards his one-timer yet Carlson is two one distributing them the puck and it's still working and then the fact that he has his own Ken in another one timer I mean he scores goals where he's he's one he's one knee down similar to how crosby and other guys do as a special special shooter of the Park East of e. play I mean he's think averaging right around twenty seven minutes again so he's not just offensive he's playing a penalty kill playing on the top unit and he's find the kind of get Some of the recognition and to lead the League in scoring us you know seven to ten games in depending on what the teams have played twenty points twenty fucking points by Halloween duties demon that is wild too so pardon so just the he's done it ever since he scored the OT winner World Juniors and Scott I think Cisco catoon against Canada suck on that Biz came up he dominated the H. All I think you want to call the cops not to with Hershey and then he got right into the NHL so it's been a special career there was Oh surprise at all that they did resign when they did and now it looks like a nice deal I wish look it up quick Mikey but I don't think it's that crazy I think it's eight million I think you want he wanted to stay there and that's that's obvious you mentioned he's averaging twenty seven minutes now I'm not I'm not I don't put that in perspective for you barely out there the most is having a game the most ice time I ever got was against the Edmonton oilers and it was just over eleven minutes you would die too asset night what I was third star what happened the next day I felt like the team you put me in a body cast because that's a lot of ice time why did you get that much time because I had two assists buzzing and we were up and tip it was like you know the game where I can put them out there and he's not gonNA suck too bad on a rag on somewhat of a regular yeah eight year deal at eighty year I mean that is GonNa say the next I mean is he may be getting some points that that are are because he heading over to number eight and maybe he snapped it over to to backstrom or or coups Netsov I made the play but you mentioned the pressure it takes to put it right in their wheelhouse a majority of the time where they're going to end up with fifty goals a season number eight and knowing when to pass it in business and if it ain't broke don't fix it signed him that fair team contract in wit you sat at all the people that are out there who really passionate lovie south that hard well those are the same some people that say Whitney pass the crosby big deal check hockey DB my status never gone away and so we'll carson so they don't ask how ask how many and he does it and keep in mind if you're saying that Carlson's are sorry ovechkin shot is beating to the rhythm of where the Puck is landing there at that moment you that's chemistry that has been wheeled you need nettle yes if you think he's overpaid because he's collecting free assists while he's really not because he's earned the right to put them right no veterans breadbasket and I think he's competent enough in every other area as a defenseman eight will the will the the the criticism be he might be not that good his own while you supplement the offense for the descent defense and I think it's a evens out in the last two seasons fire to this one two years ago eighty two games played sixty eight points that's including fifteen goals last year he missed two games eighty games thirteen goals seventy points he's gone up and now he's already got twenty three eleven so math guy I think that's one hundred and fifty eight points in his last one hundred and seventy three games I just if I if I just bang that's that's good that's good I really hope that one hundred forty two hundred forty rainman Oh yeah and no other guy I did want to mention quickly and we're staying kind of Eastern Conference but Jack Eichel Valley last night too and they both timed out more to four points including the OT winner last night I mean Tuesday night Wednesday now you're listening to Thursday the game winner over teeth they beat San Jose they were down to nothing in the game so this buffalo team plan for Ralph Krueger I think I mentioned crystalline and saying that he's the Rav who was the best coach he's ever had any art things are buzzing in Buffalo I'm happy for that team and echoes taking that even next step to where I think people always knew he would end up I was a year too early every and I said is still coming to US hi Casey Middle Sat last year and he didn't Pan out last year not play last night time I thought we Tom Grenell during the I had nine Casey Middletown Bat in that game roast Tuesday night checkout the OT winner Casey metal stack down the ice and Eric Carlson ends up getting the park and just blown by him no he had full speed that's a little bit flatfooted Carlson's one of the most dynamic skaters in the world he goes by his Middle Stat do if you watch and go watch the play he puts his head down knows he's not gonna catch him and just doesn't even look just balls to the wall back to try to make the to unwanted to onto crossing goes around the defender and looks pass across it don't remember the other player on San Jose Middle Stats backcheck ends up breaking up the plug rene he goes and gets it in the corner he goes and gets in corner he carries it up the ice no it's not he doesn't see anything by the red line he curls back off the red line curls back ends up deciding to wait to figure out make a nicer play in the meantime San Jose has a horrible change he's able to look up quick after crawling back and fires it up to Eichel who's on a rush with I believe it's the line and I'm not sure about who the other guy was they ended up the two zero one so you're talking about that he's making huge steps exactly what buffalo needed the only thing I'll say is last November's when they won ten in a row and then it fell apart so it's still early in the year but it just gives off the vibe in buffalo on Chippewa Street where the people crush drinks and crush each other that this will be different it is I should have picked big whitney stroke offset pink wait for Grenell I believe you're getting into recently there's a small percentage of of Saber fans who are crazy about you well yeah we'll be no Dander goodell having a big I was at a day there's still a bunch like me though I get older guys say you got you brought some my team now lives in Buffalo I does have been an unorthodox skating stride and it may come off as if these not skating hard or trying hard faulk you he's got a different type of striped appreciate it he's got breakaway speed let him skate the way his mind allows his body gate you're talking about the tweet I sent out right correct because there is a small portion of people who don't appreciate the the they say they say he's lazy well there's a vibe where he can look even in practice I it's all about how he looks where it's like lethargic and big flies when he needs to it's such bullshit and that happens bigger guys the taller you are this is coming from a tall skinny piece of shit the taller you are the slower and Lazier you can look at Time cowgill Z.. Wasn't skating Jack Cycle what but I just WanNa put way he he he's having an unbelievable start and launch along he's a fan of the show by the way I don't know if you guys know that always bet on so as all man was a big fan of business A. B. C. so that's why I love Eichel and his old man he wasn't pleased with us though Jack I posted that picture of all the guests on spitting chocolates that space take that he wasn't on their sent me a DM and he he was upset and he's lame on their over me okay we'll then we're going to have to after this episode comes out we're going to give him his is own individual post and say something maybe an apology from Grenell I if I was a better a Beatles Fan I'd say get an album all four Beatles on it and just put Jack's picture four times off a good call means account t-shirt making money off it thanks Jack I can send you anything moving away from Buffalo Hutton's doing a great job they're hitting the player of the week back to back shutouts he Jack No pasta I out of the week so he was second or Third Star I double joke but congratulations to you buffalo fans aren't GonNa get too excited for you yet based on the results of last season but you are in our thoughts and and show some more love to your boy I go he's a fucking treat ablaze and Florida we had one of the all time number ransoms happened Sergei Brodsky will honor that seven deuce frank traynor had it for a few years he had to pay for it to he gave them a bottle of Vino arose Ooh came especially with my special edition I use the terminology Raleigh that's what he wrote a nice rolodex in a double queue P for Mickey d's not that kind Biz Fox's that was the best double quarter pound them in the bag that was your Whitney oh you play right I like big MACs McDonald's Guy I was a late night mixed McDonald's guy felt horrific every morning after it but you know the the comment by Jewelry art for the Panthers Boys He's played some good hockey Mackenzie we he's better player than I thought I didn't realize he's got some game he got it really nice goal the other night I was watching so happy for him but communist just perfect or Cherry fucking rolex sure that's the the apple pie on top of what was the full night. I don't want to punch your head Daytona now your favorite vacation spot and Florida correct correct the watch Daytona will be a little classier than desks the nation but if in fact that bobble got him a Daytona in today's age bobble makes ten mil I don't give a fuck that how much does it Daytona well if he got him if he got him like a panda or a block one he unless Blah Blah I guess maybe bobble my Noah Guy or Putin's buddies but you're having to pay fucking at least fifty percent over market value to get a Daytona really all body the even a sub mariner if you want to get a brand new sub mariner and you have to buy it off a guy like Larry you're spending fuck in thirteen thirteen five and they're normally ninety seven hundred ninety five hundred he shit I mean either way if it's a rolex nice gesture but if bobble got him Daytona then I retired Bob teammate right definitely lost seven figures gamut in my lifetime but I would never the idea of paying ten grand for watch what you don't own a appreciation you oh my God Ira you would not or defense of gambling and losing a million two million thing is you're rolling the dice whereas I know is I bought a rolex mariner recently got it at cost ninety seven hundred I I'm going to get insurance on this thing and I M it lose it not all but I'm saying like I could wear this for.

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