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123rd to 7th in the FedExCup. Oh man. That's a long race for the FedExCup. Get weird 22 out of question. When was the last time with a less interesting leaderboard at this point on a Sunday? I dropped this one in. I thought that was a great question. The one that jumped to mind for me was the Honda last year. And I looked it up, it's Matt Jones, Brendan hagy, and seaford. Yeah. Who? Come again. Who? Matt Jones. CT the pan man and Danny mccarty McCarthy. That's a good one. That's a good poll. I would have struggled with that. I'm sure that I was on the pod for the Honda last year. I was like, oh God, it's all we're going to have to make something make some magic here. Denny McCarthy T 6 here as well. Yeah. Yeah, that dude gets hot on weekends at the. RSM in the fall. Almost put a 59 watch out there on a day. Like a super buster Y day. Before we shit all over the tournament, let's just go down the leaderboard a little bit. Sure. Tom hoagie grinders grindr. Oh, yeah. Which I appreciate the North Dakota guy. I get it. Yeah. Grinder. Yeah. Was that unintentional? That was unintentional. Harmon. I love love Harmon. Love when little brides doing some big things. That's always fun to watch. I think it's great when he's in the hunt. Lanto, courageously overcoming the injury he sustained a couple weeks ago, picking up his dog and heard something popping his back and fought through it to a T three this week. He sees, you know, decided that he Atlanta's not as guy. And it's a storyline I've loved watching unfold over the last year or two. Lots of hadn't done anything to teach. Actually, it seems like a pretty thoughtful nice guy. I just don't. I don't like his bomb and gouging. I think it started with his threads. His apparel. He didn't like his shoes. It's so unlike TC though to just have an opinion. Based off like 5 minutes of data and then extract it for like 5 years. I know that is out of character. No, it's just great. Lanto came on the scene like two years ago. She's like, fuck that guy. I don't like it. I said, why? I don't know, I just don't, I'm not into his vibe. Totally room for that as sports fans though. There's totally athletes out there that just I don't have a great reason why I don't like that guy, but I don't like him. Well, I guess that's kind of how I feel about huts and swafford. Like I trust you, I've never met him. You guys, you know, yeah, you know, he strikes a great, but it just doesn't, I don't have any disdain for him, but I just doesn't excite me in any way. He's an exceptionally nice guy and I hate saying that as a pat on the back, but he's a great gray dude to hang out. That's what extremely pleasant. Totally agree, but just from as a fan of golf, I'm struggling to be hyped right now. Of all the middle aged young middle aged white guys out on tour. He's the middle age white guy like most middle aged wife. Probably like right at the normal tour average in career earnings. He is number out of 200 he's number 100. That's a Georgia island. Between him like Harris English and Patton kizzire, just like with the names and the sea aisle, he's just like, oh my God, you guys are like, you know, you're just yeah, I know, it's just like frat tastic in every way. Lee Hodges, he gave it a great run. He was pretty close up there as a Bama guy, corn ferry torque grad. I did a lot of research. Some research on him thinking he might actually win this one. That's the biggest vineyard vines. It's a well on his shirt I've ever seen. I mean, it looks like the beluga. Well, yeah, and then he had it on the back too on the back of yolk. And then he's got to cut a local car dealership on there too. From Athens, Alabama, I think. Will's out Taurus is back, shot 19 under, finished T 6. And then yeah, Denny McCarthy Francesco molinari make it an appearance. I can not figure out Francesco. So I was gonna bring that up to you guys as well. I respected. He kind of ebbs and flows. And, you know, good to see him back on the leaderboard. A lot of guys really, really fallen down the leaderboard today. Like Paul Barr John, who's had a great run on corn ferry, the last couple of years. Are we in the best? PGA west kind of bucked a little bit today. So we can get into this now. I'd like PGA west. I just don't like the other two courses. And it's a horrible flow. And the whole pro am thing when there's no like I know we bitch about the celebs, but it's like and I know it's a big fundraiser for charities and stuff, but man, it's just it just stinks up like they can't set the course up hard. I mean, shit, back in the mid late 80s, like they had to move this tournament. Because the course was too hard. Because the course was too hard. Sean Martin wrote a really, really good piece on it a few years ago. And here's a quote from Tom Watson. I'm sick and tired of these courses. It requires you to execute shots that no seeing golfer should be expected to play. I visited the TV booth during the final round. It didn't offer a bottle. This is in 19 87. One of his course to speak for itself, sitting between announcers Vin Scully and Lee Trevino, which would listen to that crowd. I'm glad to hear the golf professionals think that there's at least a challenge out there. They'll learn to play this golf course. They're great players. We're just giving them the opportunities to hit great golf shots. And I think what the hell's changed? The athletes are just that much better. Right? It's all athletes. They've been in the gym. You've been in the gym. That's crazy how that could happen. The course is, like, I find some of those the mounding and interesting like 16 like the milk carton bunkers great, but there's shot value out there. Especially where they have the pins today and the just a little bit of firmness and greens. Look what that did today. Like the par three 13th hole, that hole was super difficult today. 17 was like dude, if you land this on the back half of the green, see woo Kim, boom, right back in the water. At least this tournament had some consequence to the golf shots. It was not the first two tournaments of the year have been pin your ears back and you're not making bogeys coming in, so it's just how whether or not you make birdie or par, this had bogeys and Hudson made two bogeys on the back 9 and shot like 500 on the back 9 he had insane back 9, but at least it had some consequence to it. So it flowed there at the end. It was a tough, tough route getting there. Were there any other comments on the setup this week? I don't remember if I do have one actually, sorry. I have it here. Piece of shit fucking setup butting contest week. That was a quote from John rom walking off one of the greens to the next one. Not trying to not be heard by saying that. This is right near all the faces. That's the rom we know and love. I love it. As long as that stays present in and amongst his yes, his super well adjusted thoughtful guy. I still want to see that fire from 100%. Henny bogan had a great line..

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