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Bit insulted. Because it gives the impression and i don't believe cardinal orleans this type of man it gives the impression that those of us who are trying to be faithful to our own lords teachings about marriage sexuality family many other things are somehow prejudiced or we're biased because the pope is a latin american or he's more merciful than than we want to be. I don't believe that that's the case at all. I think that we know quite well where he was going with us. There was resistance and so it hasn't come out in its full expression the way it could have. And maybe that's what he's frustrated about thinking that people don't really understand when in fact we do the cardinal para lean also addressed the controversial and still secret. I might add vatican china agreement and the church in china. He said what has been attempted and is being attempted is to protect this community which is still small but has great strength and vitality everything is being done is to assure a normal life for the church and china to guarantee space for religious freedom and communion because one cannot live in the catholic church without communion with the successor of peter with the pope and quote father. How does the cardinal think. This agreement is moving. The church in china toward communion the government doesn't seem to be allowing it to move in that direction at all. You know if the attempt is to protect the interest of the flock will then why was the flock surrendered into the hands of a bishop's named by the communist party of china No the the deal by the way. If the deal is so good why haven't they published it The the deal is unknown and as a matter of practice. The chinese communist party is dictating to the catholic church. What it can and cannot do. Children are not allowed to be categorized. The can't attend church services. You know the bishops have to be members of the patriotic association They want them to sign a pledge that they're going to support the program of the communist party You know the the normalcy and the church means fidelity to christ in the church. It doesn't mean subservience to communism and communist dictators like what we have in china. So you know cardinals. San in hong kong has spoken so eloquently about what's going on and you know in a church in which we're supposed to respect the prophetic voice of the local community I think cardinals. Zen speaks much better than others. About what chinese catholics really want. Now and bob. I mean it goes down to the distortion of the gospel itself. Communist authorities are rewriting that and inserting communist propaganda into the scriptures. This almost seems like sanctioned heresy on the part of the vatican two to allow their people to go in and absorb that and read the ten commandments of g which are written on the wall instead of the ten commandments..

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