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Ought. To California. Yeah. Max Has the classic Mickey Mouse. Telephone where he's only yellow stay in America the yellow telephone in his hands. I used to have one of those. We used to own one of those. So. Also during the on the open road. sequence. There is a van at one point in some balloons. Come out of it as the doors open and one of them is Mickey Making Shave check his head He also makes less obvious physical appearances in the auditorium in the school auditorium as a Max is like flying on the road here's the bottom left corner. and then he also peers in the lower left portion of the crowd at the power line concert. The soon. Mickey's peddling fan and you. Yeah Yeah. He also appears the concert at the beginning the Little Mermaid too. So yeah, he's just a flat fan of life. Yeah. I for some in some in film Easter eggs. If you watch the on the open road sequence, you know everybody's traveling and then you get to the power line concert you see the nuns uc make you said, you see the the people the Big Lady Lady there's there's a lot of people who are who were on the road with goofy and Max who show up at the concert later. And actually the nuns kind of their sort of the the hot. There in the diner. Rally The the the power of the map. my Ex. Think we need to talk about this at. The me you need to start taking some responsibility around here. Excuse me. Can I have your attention? Please GOOFY AIR DUB my son Maximilian official navigator head which waiter of this here road trip. I'm not even looking at the map anymore. As. A matter of fact, you can pick all stops from here lake destiny. Trust you wholeheartedly son. To the open road. The net announcer there. Yeah. They pop up quite a bit. They're supposed to be a play on the nuns and Sister Act. Also Remind you like Whoopie Goldberg and Kathy Jimmy so Alan Keenan forever. Yeah. Outside of that, it's just funny that nuns or following. Mickey's faces also on the back of the high chair of the baby that Max and putting the fork and the light socket in the Bauer in the outlet. As he's On his way home from school. Yup. Goofy keys, car keys. He has a key chain has the Classic de the Disney Fun logo on it There is at the maximum performance at the school assembly. After the principal stops him, there is a wooden cutout of aerial sitting on top of a skull. and then during the song after today with Chris Jimenez, he stops by like the like the record store for of a better term there's a copy of the Aladdin Soundtrack in the window it has the genie's lamp on the cover. there. Are stuffed animal versions of Bambi and Adult Simba goofy work taken the little kids pictures. The crocodile from Peter Pan Appears backstage during the powerline concerts. the giraffes from Dumbo are. Somewhere in the in the traffic during on the open road. This one is really subtle during the. when we see those two nerds, the start, the wearing the star trek shirts at one point they they are looking through a looking at a magazine called Weird Planet. Yes. That isn't that based on an old. Comic. Book from the fifty. Or something like, Forbidden Planet or something like that But. On the on the back of the magazine is an ad for see people as opposed to sea monkeys and then there's also an ad for free twenty dollars you have to send in the mail and request card itself addressed to duck sales cq money been Dr Duck Burr USA. You hit up a new one but Sadler Yep. Sales Oh my gosh. Dizzy Easter eggs, and there's also other Easter eggs. On the open road like one of the is like the different. People vehicles are singing like at one point they drive by a limo and hand to hand sparkling gloved hands to. Thumbs outs like Hello Michael Jackson the drug. And Movements up and start singing which that reminds me of the there's a one of the vignettes in the haunted mansion you drive by or in your ride vehicle you go by a guy in a a coffin and he's trying to open up. He's like let me out of here or some of the atom. Sure. That's probably nod that. There's the the lady with I think she's got much cats in her car where she's like the road is my now is not. Yeah. Dina yet. dirtbags eat my dust. You know that Song So. Watch out granny's on the road. Yes. Yes. powerline Ostrom rip off of Davao. Or. I was thinking Mc Hammer with the pants and that little. Tube I mean that yellow like radio. Well and the hair, the hair. Yeah. So There is. The if you know your F- You know your your your tourist. Spots in the in the United, states when they are once he gives Max like control over they stop and all that, and some of the places are obviously more fun for Max and others like riding the roller coaster and. then. They stop with like the giant ball of yarn and Garcia. They go and take the Selfie in the bat cave and. Wakes up although bats. That's Carl's but caverns. Play on the Carlsbad Caverns, which is in southern New Mexico. Brittany may now. I've. Never, no chance to go. But yeah I know of just you look at the map and and their.

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