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And if you think here in twenty twenty, you can just bring a twenty three twenty four year old into your practice in get that in two three four years. You're kidding yourself and that sets up a whole kind of. Different dynamic than what once was what needs to be and I think that playbook is still being written I think the best firms are the ones who figure that out. That's instructive. I mean even though. Took it in that direction. It's instructive of why they're struggling to connect with millennials as well because it's one of the same problem. Right in that. A lot of times they. One person comes in that kind of get off handedly rejected because they're not really coming in with tons of assets, or they're not coming in with the sort of questions at these advisor to used to dealing with what's like oh? What can I put you coming? Asking about the credit rating for the student loan debts. Helping, parents than accounts for their skin color is not helping. Pay off his. You know what I mean. The same problems that they have determined the advisors, the idea that a will quiet eleven times unless you strike gold with a one of Henry's, which is one of my least favorite acronyms and all of financed. Someone who you are also at the client. You're investing in right like someone who is not gonna be knocking a ton of money off for quite a while. Yeah. I mean that's the heart of my story. I was sitting in business school at night. You know in my late twenty s at Nyu. Trying to figure out number one securing this degree as you know a a failsafe that if I wasn't able to build my own practice that I could at least go work for a private bank, and have some pedigree and live nice life and Do, what I love to do, but I probably wouldn't be the entrepreneur. Consider myself today, and in growing and building. Would I go? But it was at that moment I looked around and said okay. Here's the long game I'm going to play I'm going to invest. In my classmates and my peers, that's where the whole impetus the start bona fide wealth came from. But to digress, what I? What I think is one the more interesting. CONUNDRUMS, if not dynamics that comes with a new approach to recruitment in training, young advisors. In this is especially true for small firms or solo.

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