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And get the opportunity to showcase. Them is a big part of it for me. <hes> you know there's not much i can't cook out there and you know every time you vote and you cook something. You know you learn a little bit more of it or you know in my case i mean i've traveled the world now learning about barbecue out. I'm not ever gonna stop that <hes> but i love the fact that we could actually consider ourselves definitely a really good level kit nassar's. That's what we are when you are being told about the show i mean. How much detail are are they giving you. Do they tell you who the other two <hes> pitmasters are going to be. They're going to be working alongside of you or are they kind of. Keep you on the dark a little bit on some things and just looking to get you in. What's it's a setup like well. Originally originally you get the rat and you say okay the format. It's something i'm interested in and then the secondary part of course is who. Are you going to be whisked width okay because if somebody genuinely dislike or you don't get along with or what not then you're not gonna mash well. It's not gonna have abide great any t._v. Show has to have a vibe even have to have something or it actually has to have a while drama. I'm not about the dramatis stuff okay. That's bullshit and i'm not interested in it whatsoever so this is one. I've known kerry for many many years. He was actually on my own show on barbecue crawl. <hes> i respect his skillset immensely. I've eaten at his restaurant tons of times. You know moe's this big barbecue personality and you know he's done very well himself with his personality and so i let the characters i like to was going to be on the show so because of that in addition to format. That's why i agreed to do you think most who gets the respect he deserves or does he get the right amount of respect because i you know the certain feel like some people are a champion of him and then i feel like some people think that he may be he hasn't done on whatever enough is in order to get these shots on t._v. Well i think you can ask that of any pit master right. Who is there to decide. What is <hes> you know. I've only one fifteen in u._s. Grand championships. That's it but if you put anything in front of me i can cook it. I've owned sixty five barbecue. Maybe that's <hes>. I've traveled the world. Maybe that's now. I don't know at the end of the day. If it's for the show i'm good for it or it so as we are taking in that first episode i mean i would assume most most t._v. Stuff you're seeing the finish cut for the first time or did you guys have access to it in advance. I didn't want to see it in a band. I thought when you guys thought brought all right so what was your kind of. I smack of how you saw the first episode unfold you pretty happy with.

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