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Don't know about it it might be hidden as a root kit and so you might it might be in detectable and that's that's where it gets scary I got to take a break hang on I'll talk to your fears we'll radio time three thirty every esteem the autopsy results will be released this afternoon as dean is believed to have committed suicide yesterday morning by hanging himself in his jail cell he was awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges he was supposed to be monitored every thirty minutes but that procedure wasn't followed a Tennessee inmate who authorities say killed a prison employee before escaping Wednesday has been captured authorities arrested at Curtis ray Watson early Sunday morning and Henning Tennessee a couple called in a trespasser this on their doorbell camera officer spotted him in a field nearby that location is approximately seven hundred and fifty feet from the home where the video was captured Watson surrendered without incident Tennessee bureau of investigation chief David rash in sports the Rockies are playing the San Diego Padres in San Diego this afternoon they've yet to win a game in this four game series on X. news update of four o'clock I'm Laura hatch K. way newsradio eight fifty AM at ninety four one FM.

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