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Went to the book of the face one after i'd read that story i'm bound there's is facebook yeah did you say that you take a look at that oh that's his facebook page yeah wow you got assigned wow momma but especially with the the center photographed yes cover votto seems to be oh man photos of babies which i mean those those can be grandkids those could be he could act but it with no what's going on now though that's sinister when you take that in the end of the context of the other thing yeah better on his pitchers can you say that when right there this is an example of his pitchers maybe it may be involving have respect for women yeah what i'm saying uh obviously as a deranged individual yes facebook will tell ya um yeah a little more than i really was prepared before the show to have that in my and my crawl among but but but if wonderful how things work out because it pledge grand the what we're talking about here is the war and more situation i'm i'm telling you they are going to go after him with everything that they have to paint him as they were a ligier's zealot crazed field gun wave vin you know abortion hatan gay and lesbian hatan man of god that yeah well let's let's go this route joe van morning joe joe scarborough this morning okay they're they're talking about roy more they play audio from him on a on a radio programme where he was asked about dreamers he was asked about the daca program in you recall jim he he he didn't know what it was if the at the time and i i don't know whatever turned in that conversation turned into but he said no what's a dreamer tell me what that is well we here's the audio of what joe scarborough said after they played the clip on on their show this morning listen to this talking about really more yeah it certainly does bring to the mind the call wallis saying i'm tired of the debates about whether the republican party is going to be the conservative party or the liberal party i'm just tired of us being the stupid party and you know you can.

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