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The seventh or eighth century. And this is the Democrats plan for the future. Let's put up some windmills when the wind doesn't blow. Just turn off the television, darling, please, no window today. There's no wind. Please turn off the television quickly. There's no ingest turned up the president Trump knew, you know, Steady energy is is life. Um, hospitals, transportation. All this good stuff. Here is an amazing story from the Democrats. Deadline is Afghanistan yesterday is the timestamp. Today, the United States announced nearly $64 million in additional humanitarian assistance toward the people of Afghanistan. No, it's going to the Taliban, which is a terrorist organization that played host to Al Qaeda and continues to play host to Al Qaeda and Isis and myriad other radical Islamic jihadi death cults. The funding from the U. S Agency for International Development USA I, D through the State Department and the U. S Department of State will flow through independent organizations such as U. N agencies and non governmental organizations. This is their press release right Or is it a news article? What's the difference and provide life saving support directly to Afghans facing compounding effects of insecurity conflict? I love insecurity, conflict, recurring natural disasters and the covid 19 pandemic. So wait a minute. The Taliban is in control of Afghanistan and we The American taxpayers are ponying up $64 million, thanks to the generosity and the largesse of America and the Biden administration. Now how many Americans are still and our allies are still trapped behind enemy lines. How many are being murdered? How many are being hanged? How many are being shot? How many are being tortured? I was talking about it. Yesterday, The fingernails pulled out of the Guy, the dead body. They pulled his fingernails out, and then they shot and killed him. That's old school and the now that Biden administration is giving him $64 million, But we don't have all our people out. So the good people at town Hall raised the question. Uh, U H comma. Did we just send a ransom payment to the Taliban as town Hall? The Washington Post The New York Times are not going to do that. Matt Vespa, an actual reporter writing the story Americans are still trapped in Afghanistan. Joe Biden left them there. He had to go on August 31st. We had to be out because the Taliban said so. President dementia and his clown car of diplomats opted not to make the terrorists. Uh the terrorist made and and cave to the demand say that just came to the demands of the Taliban, which is what they did. We all know not every American was going to get out by August. 31st. Everyone knew days before the end of August. Even representative Adam shiftless, Democrat, California, a Russian collusion hoax peddler. And noted for and noted liar. Uh, even admitted that this deadline was simply not going to work with regard to evacuation. And now, of course, we're sending them tens of millions of our taxpayer dollars the Taliban and we don't have our people out. All right. The Washington Post is very excited. They announced yesterday with a picture of Tony Blinken secretary of State Antony Blinken. Said Monday. A new pledge of $64 million in U. S assistance to Afghanistan would circumvent the Taliban and go directly to non governmental organizations and U. N agencies. They'll skim their piece of it, too. It's the U. N They steal almost everything and their kids by cars and, you know, fly their cars around on planes and stuff. Um, And this is their new plan that there were going to send them tens of millions of dollars. The Taliban. Oh, but it's not going to go to them. They're lying to you again. They're lying to you about everything. And it was Trump's plan. Trump's plan was to get out May 1st and by May 2nd you had blown off and blown right by Trump's plan. This was not Trump's plan. Trump's plan was not to bring the military out first, and then say now, what do we do? Morons. When's the last time you looked at your credit card statement checked out the interest rate and the little box there. It's a startling number that's like 19 seventies stuff Crazy. What are you doing? Paying that kind of interest rate?.

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