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I said the question who's running the ball in oakland i never mind was not an answer a marta he did not ask for crimes giving you the answer mark hooper maury cooper is jewelry given john gerns track record with number one receivers and and i think cooper will be that guy i i think he's gonna end up i'm not going to say he's going to be fourteen under yards and nine touchdowns but i think he'll get back to where he was in his first two seasons six touchdowns thousand yards i think that that safe now for him and i will say the biggest change due to a coaching change mario too yeah i was i was thinking he was under consideration so sure morioka k although we don't we still don't know who is often the borders where do we yeah that's why i think that that's a weird call it's spike were to saying that anything will be better than what he had it also that they're going to hire an offense coordinator based on his skillset they're going to cater the hiring two mario oda i got another one in the same division andrew luck assume he's healthy and all that stop it with josh mcdaniel's calling the shots me i think that will be really good for andrew possibly christian mccaffrey i honestly you i adding at patch shurmur those great were winter he does great work with quarterbacks he does foul or his a turk polishing skills at did you saw ski logging onto radford each of game i mean he the ali all his career his patron has done a great job with quarterbacks i next the next choice mel guys are you guys liam come on grow for california air you can about doing neuro uh and i are spot next year i'm the glacier and i'm wondering what's your thoughts are on that uh and if you're no good day share my love it all right leon wants to know about an eye are spot next year is it a keeper league.

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