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When was the last time you felt this good about a Yankee offseason signing? Implicit. Maybe it's the layoffs from sports. Maybe it's excitement about actual baseball being inter squad squad scrimmage is being played. But there was just something about watching coal work for five innings last night, and it wasn't the six strikeouts, but it does help. The results were good. It was just the confidence. And if you're a Yankee fed, and if you're being honest with yourself, there has to be a part of you that worries about the future of air a judge, and there has to be a part of you that worries about the future of Giancarlo Stanton that there has to be a part of you that worries about the future of Gary Sanchez. Will they ever be able to stay healthy enough? To realize their full potential. And while Gerrit Cole isn't a beauty injuries, obviously, but there was something just very calming about watching him out there like help has arrived. What the Yankees needed was a top of the line starter and they got him. And I believe he will end up being the most important player on the Yankees roster this season. And here's a couple reasons why number one, he looks ready to go now. I know. He said He was closer till mid spring training form that regular season ready, but he through five innings just a few days into this summer camp. It looks like he'll be ready to take on. A significant load once the season starts. We're not talking about three or four innings here we're talking about Maybe what would be, you know, full start six eggs, maybe seven. The pitching He's ahead of the hitting right now, so we really can't expect the Yankees are gonna bash their wayto wins in the first few weeks of the season, And with every game being so precious, having a starter that looks ready to go is just so crucial because Listen behind, called the rotation question Marks Tanaka healing from a concussion. Paxton coming off back surgery happens 37 years old in depending on which baseball they used this year, which is completely out of his hands. He is susceptible to giving up the long ball Montgomery off the Tommy John surgery, Boone reiterating creativity with the staff, not ruling out bullpen games. Cole starts Maybe that stabilizing force because se, the Yankees lost lose a few games in a row. Right? It happens. Here comes a Garret Cole start. How he performs, could serve as a compass for the team, much like how we look at the ground starts with the Mets. And finally what we've seen with the Yankees. They could make up for the loss of hitters in this interational baby rumors. They haven't been able to make up a little for the fact that they needed a slight cold. So he's here. And I believe he will be the most important person on the Yankees roster this season. Yeah. I mean, he's gonna be great s o, You know, but I don't. I don't know if I necessarily look is important being in the regular season. I think we'll disagree on that point. I don't think he I don't think you need to necessarily be the guy that you're looking toward. I mean, the Graham has been on some teams that You know, have underperformed the time haven't been particularly good. They haven't provided great run support. Defense at times has been bad. What's been most impressive about Jacob Graham is that he has been statistically consistently brilliant. Even with dealing with all those issues. If you want to draw a comparison, the Mets I mean Cole's confidence level. I mean, he was a confident guy in Pittsburgh Confident guy in Houston, He's evolved as a starter. We saw that the last two years down with the Astros, where he had over 600 strikeouts, combined in two years down there in Houston had an unbelievable run last year gets the behemoth contract from the Yankees. But, yeah, you know, I don't look at Cole is being that guy here in the regular season that that I need him to be. Point in this team toward winds to me comes down October when I When I think about Garrett Cole, I think they're going to be able find ways to win baseball games as they have in the past. They've got tremendous organizational depth that we've talked about. We could look at you know that maybe the hitting in the first couple weeks and that's that's to be seen. I mean, that's a guesstimate more so than anything else about where the offense is gonna be in the first couple of weeks, But if you're going to go on the idea early on here Sitting here on July 8th. That hitters that pictures are ahead of hitters. Yeah, I totally agree. I don't know that's going to be the case. Whole hardly throb. Major League Baseball July 23rd 24th when this season does get going later on this month. So I look at Cole. Yeah, we talked about him facing and we have that debate about pressure in this city. Others a tremendous amount of pressure for Garrett Cole, but the pressure really ramps up come the post season, the Yankees. Are so good, so deep so loaded that even if Garrett Cole should struggle, and I don't think he will, I mean, it was great watching him compete last night as he said he wanted his interest. Quad Gay interest Squad team to come out victorious. You know, he was disappointed afterward. There are things you like about Garrett Cole, and he understands it with that contract comes the responsibility. He wanted it. He wanted New York City. He was great. Last night. I love the son of your asking me about a guy that may I go back to Sabathia. Ah, you know, you look at player acquisitions when they brought David Cone here to be a finishing piece for the Yankees. There have been guys Alex Rodriguez when they acquired him for the Texas Rangers. There have been guys in the Yankees passed where you could not wait..

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