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Hera well you right well we dress target everywhere casting four dalanj rocky horse 75 bad at a hell seventy seventy seven but it also had a life that just constant rotation in in the east coast that it didn't didn't have out here uh give me let's see oh so uh joe jackson host cool i did a record the record i didn't within laden's career something like something about six seven deadly sins or something and it was to drummers to drummers in the studio that's kinda cool simultaneously in the studio really very very intelligent guy he is heaven and hell so says is that what is chris maxwell having helium that was real he's really very very uh intelligent very tall and very cool and when it comes to coming in and do unlike session work that way do they say to you um here's the song here's ra is their music to read or their here's what we're doing or you pick it up as we start going we'll be back in the day i would come uh let me just preface them the most anal chart reader writer in the world i mean of trying to find one of these things uh he's just won't blue light every no doubt nowadays that's really really put like today i'm and leave hindu session every single note is written i have a crash i know exactly what to do because of the budgets it's got an fast and if i were to give a great that is affordable for people hiring me with no record deals and they're all pain out of their pocket i check this up that's what i write all my god arrogant as i can write that and read it power yair incredible un dj calata probably only to seek would know with this page matt ryan who've adjustments for this same note after two hundred boat that that kenya had a point.

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