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Could share it with friends and family. Twenty dollars is the cost Ken Coleman Dot Com get higher digital course eight, four, four, seven, four, seven. Two Five, seven, seven Gavin is joining us now in Roanoke Virginia Gavin you're on the Ken Coleman Show? Hey. How're you doing today Kevin I'm living the dream what's up? Hey I just want to thank you for all your resources in your help and just give God some praise you know I've been praying for another job opportunity that would allow my family to to reach our financial goals a little bit better and and to be more outrageously generous and and I've just landed the job. Yes. Congratulations man that's awesome Anki. Yes I'm excited about it I. Don't know yet if it's my green job, but I, think it's a step in the right direction and it'll help you're out exactly what that dream is. Nice. Great but I have a have a small ethical dilemma related to this right and and it's it's not a huge deal but I just want to do the right thing So a couple years ago my soon to be previous employer. covered some educational expenses for me and I'm about two years into a five year forgiveness plan and so the contractors written that you know a portion of it. would be do back to the company upon request. Should, I leave. And You know I I made my. Soon to the employer aware of this, and they also offered me a signing bonus to cover potential expenses there. Now. the the thing that I'm wondering about is You know. Shoot.

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