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There are so many of those sorts of interest that they're best gated for by the silos of podcasting and channels discord or whatever than they are on local radio. These days. I mean it is still public money. Being spent on isn't it. Yeah a look that there are so many different outlets now for everything as she say and the listening to laura kuenssberg keva confidential podcast to episode podcast. So doing a deep dive into what's happened and it was quite a times. It was quite funny. Think well this this would never get into radio. Four because of the the format. It was very podcast. You think. well it's great. Podcasts exists for that and they exist are lots of non league football podcast and lots of lots of really needs sports. That none of us would be remotely interested in. But you don't always have to chase the biggest audience. I supposed rural glad the podcast exist which brings us headlong into our final format points. The media focus quiz this week. It is entitled backwoods thinking. I will read you some media news headlines from this week in reverse order. You just have to tell me what the story as best to three. And you buzzing with your name if you know the answer. Sarah lacy will say let's annual say and karen you'll say can history number one. But what's the story bbc leaving after news. Gb to mccoy simon Santa karen I think the story is. Simon mccoy is leaving Bbc news to go to gb knees just a good highlights. What you think. Yeah i do. I like mccoy. And he's he's quite unusual in in these remarks sometimes which we've all seen outtakes. I've known him for a long long time. He's very professional. And i would have thought temperate soda presen- which i wouldn't have expected to find simon on britain's fox. Tv's elder you. Go up plays into ends point about. We ain't seen nothing yet. But i do think he's a good high. The only thing is i say by jeep. Gp's tv that bugs me slightly is. I don't think we've got high profile high profile in a flament so watch this space again. You're mostly close by the comes out. We will know that k. Barely is doing the fisher. Here is a question number two algorithms and misinformation facebook by hit mash daily..

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