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Getting plumps hair. The first question Jassem well, did you have a sudden you know, to have a stressful event within the last six months and they'll tell you, yes, like likely they'll tell you something happened. That's acute stress. That's what we call Tila Jinnah Flynn. Now, more and more today, we see chronic tillage in the flu VM and other types of hair loss where the legiti western medicine still scratching their head lot out. But in reality it, everything points to the fact that that is due to chronic stress so where it's not an acute stressor that is suddenly pushing these follicles men hair loss. It's actually this chronic state of arousal in disfiguration of dream of function and other hormones that's playing role. That makes sense. So it could be a short period of time afterwards. If it's an accused dresser, and if as a chronic stressor just tends to happen through all the different hair cycles. Exactly. And with chronic diligent AFL van which is on a rise today, the process just continues people continue to shed and also the same thing with, you know, male and female pattern here loss for, sir, implicated pathways in that house. Stress effects. That's chronic stressful, definitely affect that type of hair loss. It's more insidious. You don't see the shutting right away. Don't actually notice. It ended about fifty percent of the follicles are affected. Can you 'cause follicles that affected just by by thinning or shedding? Can you make them wake back up? Can you recover them, restore them, turn them into super hair follicles. Hope to. We have absolutely. The key is to restore the body to restore the body and by restoring the body, restore the follicles every organ has an ability to heal itself, given the proper conditions and when and this is what you talk about all the time to buy or hacking. And so having the ability to counter to support the adrenal glands to decrease cortisol levels to decrease inflammation where the rebalanced level, sorry to decrease inflammation counter oxidative stress in the hormone imbalances, you will typically rebounds the environment of the article and the systems of the body support them. And as a result support the follicle in recovery. Lab tests that people should get to know if cortisol is high. So there's many leftists that you can do. So it's not the cortisol us high. So sometimes suicide in sometimes cortisol is low. When somebody has been producing cortisol over a long period of time, eventually jails get fatigued, and then there's less production of cortisol, so then a whole other slew of issues that happens. So the key is to actually. See where that system is disrupted, and you can just salivary cortisol tasks. The also in our on here at neutral. What we do is we've implemented something called the hair Monroe analysis Tasso we help our customers figure out what are the freshers in that are in their stem. Actually looking at the hair south, the hair analysis looks at a variety of different minerals, heavy metals in the patterns and so can actually tell you what organ systems may be stressed if you had to guess what percentage of hair thinning hair loss is caused by toxic heavy metals. And I know this is a guess you probably can't preference a single paper. Anything like. Clinical experience. I mean, do you think it's five percent or fifty percent? Is it big or is it small because you guys are getting data on here? Minerals, which middle's? It's actually really good question. So at we're still accumulating the data in. I think that's the uniqueness of having this sort of mind, inquisitive mind as we're still trying to address figure out all of these things for our customers and her cells to back to the western medical community. What I do know is that the major things that we found our. Dysregulation of cortisol stress veggie knows Siro. Absorption. So the got is impacted by the stress and heavy metals. And I would say, I think at least sixty to seventy percent refined, have heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metals, your finding people with hair falling out. I thought we find a lot of mercury a lot. A lot of mercury. You know, it's very hard to keep it out of the body. I mean, I tested myself and I haven't really. I'm not that great, but I do limit my option of tonight. Mm. Raw fish, but going back to medical school where in college where I pretty much lived on tuna fish date tire. Like what is it?.

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