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Your tree. But we can't make it's it's to tenure appointments at ten forty five. So a second it's ten to ten my point is at ten forty five. It will take twenty two minutes to get there. Twenty five max twenty five that militate. So that's fifty that takes us to what time. Me for ten to eleven that takes you tend to eleven on our fifty minutes. Son, our faking it till twenty so see I could do it. I'd have I missed if no good that would mean that. There was no you didn't look at the car we paid for the car. We do the paperwork for the car. That's takes twenty minutes with that. You just don't walk into just grab your car. Leave. If I so here's how my brain works. Just so you understand I'm looking at these two situations in like, okay? So it's like twenty to twenty five minutes. I'm going to drive fast. I'm gonna make twenty two number one. So now, we're forty four and I'm thinking I'm clever enough that I'm I can call in advance and say, hey, guys. I got another appointment. I don't hang on. I hate to do this to you. But could you have all the paperwork and everything ready? Here's my credit card number. You can run before. I get there. I'll just sign and run out. Twenty two minutes to get there. Yeah. It's going to be over thirty hit back because you still have to go farther south. We're already ten minutes into the trip. Right. I'm just trying to give you a little. It's not your brain sneak peek at the way, my brain works because I'm like that would be super productive, and it would work. Just can we admit the everything went perfectly the wishes described? It could work it could happen. Yeah. I'm well aware of the way your brain things because I've been on the losing side of that. And you like try to do it. And it just it. Didn't it didn't at what time I get I go. Yeah. But it's also rush hour now that he that's why he didn't work in Bihar. There's always something that's getting warm. This is one of the reasons why after miss see what I am is. I'm a time Optimus and optimism about the fact that can get there in twenty two minutes, and I'm optimistic. Words..

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