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It comes to the draft and we'll see if this dolphins team is back to a level that you want I want them to be at J. J. the only thing that's a little ridiculous given Brady thirty million dollars two years you know just start you came over you know see I don't see it that way out of the temple I don't because their pieces are really like they got Mike Evans they got Chris Godwin you've got an older coach Bruce Arians Hey you have some veteran pieces on that defense that while you hang in there you stay strong we are praying for you going to be a okay you have to get back to me a hundred percent before you know it a hole that upright but I will give Tappan Brady from a football standpoint it's fix now I certainly questioned if you know three years from now four years from now we're talking about Tom Brady is a Superbowl winning quarterback probably not but I have an issue with Tampa bring amend any credibility as a franchise Tom Brady coming in is going to give you that and sell it said Cape May New Jersey Robbie joins us he's on a phallus of Robbie morning today Horia problem doing okay man trying to survive which Avenue near here I want to send my best so that last call or worse Allen supported family here Allen's of big dolphin fan I was a big mess fan Allen calls us to console obviously he's got a whole lot of stuff going on right now and he's going to have to make sure he's you know rest at all he's got to make sure he's doing everything is doctors are telling him to do and you know unfortunately when I hear a lot more of this rob in the weeks and months ahead which is very very scary yeah you're doing a good public service JJ I appreciate that was a problem I'm doing the best I can I think I speak on behalf of anybody at this radio station because look I can't give you medical advice you know I I can't tell you you know every nook and cranny of how you should handle this sport you know when we have somebody call the show who is dealing with symptoms I think it's important to tell other people what exactly you dealing with even though each individual case is going to be different I think that's really really important they'll absolutely yeah as far as your fans so I can't speak for us you're the best man but I appreciate that very clear that's very tactfully most exciting World Series I would say the most exciting was ninety six from there it's at the home of course with the momentum changed in that series things were looking pretty bad does so clearly and two thousand one the late home runs off with Kim and Diamondbacks there was a kind of a magical feeling you know it was it was exciting but it was kind of just like is this really happening because of the effects of nine eleven like I said it was kind it was just extra special compared to the excitement of layers this home run this way I can describe it listen I think that's a fair way to look at rob now ninety six it was all new for the New York Yankees and from individual game standpoint game for game five down Atlanta we're sorry there are so many thank yous are down six runs a game for Kim rallied back and won that game labour it's with a Homer tied in the eighth game five though was a classic World Series game one up then headed Smaltz that maintaining D. Louise Polonia John wetland it back where Polonia found off about like six or seven pages and walked the ball on the right center field that o'neill catches on one leg I mean these are iconic iconic games but I think it's all it all time World Series games game seven no one is gonna be on a list now from a positive standpoint for the Yankees but it's going to be that game four five may very well be that you must combine the two together because they were exact same script basically thank you for behind Yankees pie with two outs in the ninth inning home run and a walk it awfully far as being a ball park those back to.

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