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Governor chris kennedy tapping a would lawn nonprofit director who lost his sunda violence as his running mate eggs of your joys a joy he's a exxon executive your joy was killed in june just blocks from his would lawn home in what was assumed to be a robbery by joyce family at the time and so this running mate has been active in politics for years and tells the tribune that the death of his son in part motivated his decision to you seek office and he saw it is a chance to channel pain into a new purposes is the running mate rock joy police said north suburban lincoln shire said three people are in custody following a massive manhunt in the wake of an armed robbery wednesday night police from several burbs involved sources say the armed robbery habit of buffalo grove the search for the three suspects than focused on lincoln shire new milwaukee in half day road lake county officials said all three suspects were taken into custody shortly before ten o'clock a vote delayed wednesday on repealing cook county board president tony pack winkles penny per ounce pop tax but bill cameron says the politics have not been delayed exsoldier has incited so much push back against the pop tax challengers to perk michael are beginning to surface chief among them is westside county commissioner richard boy can he's offered up a variety of economies to replace the pump tax but pretty quick old dares to prove their real asking and to prove it up he didn't put up in the last budget cycle he's welcome to try to prove it up this time i don't think he can do it if he if he could have done any would have done last time but to pop taxes in trouble and preclinical may end up vitriol running a fever or coming up with a replacement of her own at city hall bill cameron wlsam 890 news w wow us news time nine five the eaton's 21 lake cook to the junction out 26 the kennedy in a solid our o'hare to downtown fortyone outbound dan ryan 45 minutes 95th to downtown out is going to cost you 14 minutes on the eisenhower our ten thorndale to the both office 37 out stevenson 45 dry day to the drive out eighteen and the tristate northbound 36.

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