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You snake bit all right all right all right if you never got into wrestling. It's not too late to go back and getting a little time machine back in one thousand nine hundred four. I'm going to be honest. Um We don't watch it today. Oh no no in an judge you if you do limit it live here live very your life. Can we talk about this for a minute? I don't know can we talk about? Maybe I've already said this because I've been thinking about it a lot. Can we just let everybody be into whatever they're into can lead you? Stop judging other people and I don't mean like everyone knows you're not supposed to judge other people for big things but there's too much the Internet. There's too much judging people for little things giving the Renaissance Festival people. Well Gab. It sure but I mean like if you if someone wants to get excited about a pumpkin spice latte take them have their life. They want to bluff on some avocado. Toast let them be that person and they're into wrestling if they're into the Renaissance Festival if they're goff if they liked to dress up as heroes not here with superheroes and go to conferences. 'cause 'cause weekend like life is so hard already. Why would you try and squash someone's joy about just because you don't get why that makes them happy? It's like good grief. Can we just let each other live live? Just yes? Oh it's so dumb dumb sweating you are GonNa Start. Today morning show. I am to pass out. I'M GONNA pass out but it's hot in here. It's getting hot in here. We have this conversation last night. This Israel Rachel Hollis this weekend when it was ninety six degrees outside was sitting outside with a sweater in a boots having coffee. Nfl So good. I do not understand the like she's mad well but that seems like she's too. I don't understand how you are always cold. I am always always cold. He's always hot. Always give us like a snowflake Emoji. If you're always cold signs of snowflake these these people do. It's my girls do them. They're already already using all the emojis. Give us a snowflake if you're always called give us son if you're always hot let's see what is there. I'm always colds and I. Yeah lots of other people like me. Oh someone just went fire. Maybe that person's in full menopause. I see you sister or friend yet. Look a lot of people. A lot of people are always cold. working Iraq. Well Great Because it's because you're so thin that is not real. There are lots of people who are different body types and percentages some hot somebody Blair cold and the people. The women in my family tend to run cold. Our offices at work. Oh are a solid twenty degree more different difference like you. It's like going into an ice house in his office. Coming to a hot box. Grischuk came over to my office which is across the Hallway for a quick conversation and she walked in yesterday and said. Could you come to my office? It's two colon. Couldn't talk to handle. It cannot handle it cold in eighty degree weather yet. I hear that you'll get ready to drink. Your water kills me. Do you guys see my my story yesterday so whenever I saw. I don't always carry my giant gallon jug because it's just such a painting carried around. Sometimes I carry bottles and then I refill all day but when it actually carried this and I'd complete this I feel like a goddess. I feel like a goddess of waters. Your skin starts to glow I mean I feel so proud of myself. I mean if you haven't signed up for last year. Though there she is everybody. I love you. I'll see you later can do. Oh don't kiss the glass. It's dirty okay. I'm drinking two gallons a day right now. Drink y'all gallon a day. I just want to let you know like you're like oh I can't drink water. Look at this. This is less than half a gallon. Left of a container at eight fifteen in the morning three hours into my day. I'm a half gallon down. Joe Get on my level. Let's drink some water. Our nutritionist told us sore thing has always been. You should drink half your body weight announces of water every single day. And that's the standard that we use for our five to thrive during our last night. He they challenge. But our nutritionist told us that is actually an account for people who are not active. So just half your body weight announces water is. If you're not sweating anything out and we are pretty active. We are constantly sweating things out. So we're we gotta do our full body weight announces of water every day We just reminded me of something though. We did have the idea last night. Yes someone just said. Are you always in the bathroom? One hundred percent. And that's the point is that you're flushing all the things out of your system about being in the bathroom all the time. Nobody's in there like if I need a little Wyatt except bathroom. Our Room doesn't have a lock and I can't go in there. Without Noah be Allen to use the restroom this morning and I. I'm speaking of the adult restroom. And Noah just sort of rescue in our relations. This is more information than you wanted to know. But in our relationship we always think in every house we've lived in we've had at least two bathrooms. Okay superblast we've had at least two bathrooms. There was the regular bathroom and the we had a bathroom that we call the adult restroom. Which is where you wet when you had to poop adulterous. Welcome to the morning. Everybody and so that was like code. If you're like I gotta go use. The adult restroom was like steer clear. Got It I know you didn't WanNa know this about us but now you do so continue. Yes thank you for those of you like my mother who would warned me about drinking too much water. Okay am I am. I really appreciate you segment called concerned citizens. Which are the notes in the DREK messages that we give from people who liked to correct US and send us their concern overdoing things that are? Doctor approved an incredibly healthy. Come on come on. Just you know you silly that note to someone who is odd like with their. Frapp thousand Calorie Frappuccino. No but you WANNA send it to us. Because we're drinking too much water. I would start the segment. I don't WanNa have to dig through the DMZ to find the notes. It's okay. What are some of the other things that concern citizens have sent you notes about that. Running every day is going to get my hips. Yeah Latte You. Cut Your hot dogs wrong. Cut My hotdogs wrong. I didn't cut the carrots tight enough that I get a lotta nuts about my rosa. Lots of people like to talk to me that you have rosie conversation. Do you know that I have cared? Can I send you some samples? Would you like to buy into this thing because we all know that the way to sell someone something is too? I tell them how awful their skin looks right. what else do I get? I get oh I got a very very enraged. Lots of notes one time because people saw me putting flax seeds on my salad Internet exploded. Everyone has story about a cousin. Sisters brothers friends who had been rushed to the hospital because of a flaxseed seed pro I mean I it's a thousand degrees outside and I'm running half marathons every weekend now. I have to run without my shirt on. Sorry not sorry. I did into a VAT of sunblock literally. I did my body into sunblock but every time I do a quick video I get you bet. You look like you haven't put on sunblock. I'm like I want your skin. Tends to run down on what to act like mad right now as I have just read. It's not sunburn plane. Why are we not complaining? It's just people are crazy. People crazy though I add to maker Tick Tock yesterday for if you don't know what to talk is it is a platform that is pre. There's definitely adults on it. But it's primarily used for by like middle schoolers and high schoolers and so I had to talk and the content there is only four kids usually girls in middle school and high school and certainly a lot of their mom started falling to but really my content just for them and I made a video yesterday. Which was how to respond to kids talking crap? Because I man man kids are laying and the strat crap all men by crap. I mean like teasing kids in middle school teasing kids in elementary school. And all these little girls who are asking how to deal with it and what to say and I made this video that was just about like they will keep teasing you because they are getting a response from you and so we'd we teach our own kids this like you have to. You have to teach them to be like what like literally my whole video was like here the faces you make when someone tries to make finding view like literally like what. I do wish like the the thing if I could in one thing on my boys and Noah when she's able to understand this. It's how little any of the things that I worried about in grade school or high school now matter in my live them literally. None of them bless you. It's such an easy thing are you. Okay Oh bless you man yeah. It's no middle. School is so crazy and the things that they are drowning in and worried about and it stinks but I just I had posted it and then there are adults like Dang. I needed this because honestly what is it was it. Eleanor Roosevelt. Like someone. Only what is it you only someone could Can't make you feel badly without your permission. The idea that like if you are acknowledging it then it becomes your truth and if you just absolutely don't like like it's yeah okay. Great I think I've said this on the show now about fifteen times as one of my favorite quotes I've heard in the last year but Byron Katie. Said Defense is the first act of war. Defense is the first act of war so when you defend yourself when you get into some kind of discussion about what someone has just said or someone who's just done you give them permission to start the fight and when you just absolutely like don't take it in nothing bugs the nothing bugs people more than when they're trying to taunt your they're trying to say something and you're like. I may have to end the face. We may have to abandon. Here's your here's your for. Today your screen chat remain have to abandon the segment where we call out people calling us out giving them or giving never would. I was totally kidding. I would never. I'm joking someone's till you're allergic to the water yet. The APP she's she's being funny. Someone asked if I would talk for boys I signed up for Tick Tock. I just don't understand it yet so. I'm trying to figure out how to do these things that Rachel's doing well and for what it's worth every single video that I have made would absolutely translate to a boy to and I've got plenty of boys who follow me there so for what it's worth splits. Did you know that last ninety days is starting soon? Are Y'all come here on words. This Dang Free Park wearing last night listening to sound off of one to sound off three or four. Give me those communities here. We.

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