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News. I'm Laxmi, saying Reuters news service reports. The Trump campaign is now proposing, delaying the second debate by a week from October. 15th. To the 22nd this coming hours after President Trump, who has covert 19 protest the organizer's idea to make the second debate in Miami virtual in light of the President's diagnosis in the growing number of people in his orbit who tested positive for Corona virus. NPR's Mara Liasson has more on what's likely driving Trump's resistance. To debate next week. There are a lot of reasons why the president wouldn't want a debate. If he was looking for an excuse. The commission gave him one. He doesn't know. Have hell IFIL test negative by next week, he doesn't know if he'll be feeling well enough to debate. Also, the next debate is a town hall format. That's a fraud. Format for him. He prefers full bore aggression against his opponent. And that might not work as well when ordinary voters are asking the questions NPR's Mara Liasson if the debate were to be held next week, as scheduled, the Biden campaign Said in a statement today that the Democratic nominee will be ready to take voters questions. But for millions of Americans today, the political wrangling is directly affecting their ability to survive day to day. Corona virus relieved talks her at a standstill over the price tag of the bill, the GOP pushing for roughly $1.6 trillion in relief that Democrats have been holding out for more than two trillion this week, Trump had called off negotiations. Accusing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders of hijacking the process. Today. Pelosi again fired back lives are at stake. Health is in the balance. This is deadly serious. So let's take a serious not a skinny, not an emaciated but a serious appropriate approach to crushing the virus and then talk about Some of the other good things that would flow from that Republicans. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, under fire is well for stall negotiations blamed the approaching presidential and congressional elections for the lack of progress. Louisiana Governor John Bell. Edwards has declared a state of emergency in preparation for Hurricane Delta from member station W. W. N. O Patrick Madden reports. For the sixth time this hurricane season. Louisiana is in the path of a major hurricane Hurricane Delta is expected to make landfall Friday, with forecasters predicting the storm could strike southwest Louisiana, the same area that was pummeled by Hurricane Laura in August. Life threatening storm surge and hurricane force winds are likely according to the National Hurricane Center and Flooding could be a key concern as well. Delta would be the 10th named Storm to hit the U. S in a single hurricane season. The first time that's ever happened. For NPR News on Patrick Madden in New Orleans. This is NPR and support for NPR comes from total winem or were in store teams can recommend a bottle of wine, spirit or beer. For any occasion, shoppers can explore more than 1000 winds, 2500 beers and 3000 spirits. More.

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