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What's that, right? That's over there, right? Yeah, take a ferry across. You start to get your life. You didn't even know what the mail was there when you got there. Yeah. Everything was a pain to get across the river. So, peripherally Miami's on the North bank, right? Everybody and their cousin gets a slave or like, what I'm talking about the early. They're all talking about the North Bank of the river. This is a big problem, and this is also a part of where the wrinkles. Mainly William, have a Fallout with Flagler. Now, it's not just a phone number. It's a Fallout with a purported founding family of Miami and the big guy so to speak. Yeah, I mean, you can go further. There was also a fall-out between William page titles. Father not just another guy, but a fall out but the father of the mother of Miami, it has a whole other story. But what I'm painting at is that there are times in our history, where if you look closer you can actually pin together a new arc complicated set of problems that birth our city, right? And it was not easy, it was not a simple, it is a great story but it's untrue. A couple of reasons, it is untrue because the newspapers from the 1920s previous always shared of a mention of Mary always with mentioned Julia. That was one article that beamed out to families at the head of City roster, the titles and the bristles. How come that's not seeing how come? I can't find that when I search. I mean well page. In my book, it is in a digitized section of the Miami-Dade Public Library main special collection, but it should be like, right when you do the search. Okay, that's a really good question. By the way. There used to be a Wikipedia page on Mary Brickell. It was taken down. Actually, in my book, talk about the letters, I exchanged with Wikipedia literally, okay? Okay, listen, I left know. Yeah, I'm sure I wanted to know, hey, I remember there's a bigger page, right? What happened to it, right? And they told me, well, the reason it was taken down is there were no citable resources that Wikipedia can reach out and see right. Right. So yes, that's digitized, but it's not connected to anything, right? It's it's in a scrap book, called The Welsh scrapbook. It's a family that literally cut up the newspaper and base it in a big scrapbook and thoughts. And mind a plug wire be scalable thing. But still in pieces, it's just now being kind of parsed and, and Stephanie Garcia has been great to find me. I think she found me like, twelve articles of the wrinkles and like twenty articles page. That's amazing. What you'll find is, another article on the giulia side where her daughter is quoted. Not in the story, but in the title, that says stories of my mother weren't always true. We're always accurate. See?.

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