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Shakespeare, Tom Arnold, Donald Trump discussed on Tim Conway Jr


Long pause captain long pause staring the mind you this is not edited now did he tell you do you not want to answer the question you don't want to answer the question right okay wow he's an actor he knows how to use the power of the pause and that's what arnold was doing there when push comes shabi doesn't doesn't want want us us let's not this is not shakespeare we're talking about here yes this is tom arnold they actually knows for sure the cohen is going to turn on his longtime employer donald trump but here's some context for the photo that went viral and this photo the gained so much attention i spoke with brian hiatt of rolling stone magazine he was hanging out with arnold when this photo was taken and he took the photo and here's a brian hi told me about the meeting he suggests it wasn't as lengthy as arnold is saying i was with tom and i we had a polite and brief interaction with michael cohen after we bumped into him at the regency hotel i took that picture of them together so in other words this maybe it was not a long lengthy meeting with cohen the way arnold was suggesting maybe it was just a bumping into each other in the lobby of a hotel still it is noteworthy that arnold has been out here working on this television show trying to get interviews they clearly had some sort of interaction some sort of conversation and cohen was willing to be photographed with a huge critic of president trump so that's definitely newsworthy and worthy michael cohen may not know that tom arnold hates donald trump he may or may not know like i didn't really know until that interview the other night well because tom arnold does not front and center ryan hollywood period let alone in this movement against the trump administration.

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