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Greg yes stephen stills part of the the the the fourth member of crosby stills nash and young bratcher i think i thought neil young was the fourth member well yeah house are probably steals nice yeah they write a threesome than uh neil young join them up and not company no i mean uh the inaction or is a story i've got over your but a dave david crosby i guess he's right new music and stop and was to release it not noticed that's where the group and stopped i haven't seen them turf for a long time together lay out there do nathan i'll if they are loud sam that's for sure well i can tell you for a fact that all weight here comes a truck why did you warren mayor condo truck sorry i tell you ata said little shark you're listening to newsradio 700 wlw weather and traffic for september 24 2017 rig no 700 wlw cincinnati i have the same quote this is continuing coverage from newsradio 700 wlw with the three o'clock report i'm charles van set at the un saturday another salvo in the war of words between the us and north korea abc's dave packer at the same podium where president trump threaten north korea with total destruction that nations foreign minister responding riyan ho ear through a translator what else could be a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as pouring fire and fury total struggled if you see a.

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