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Shelter for those displaced from their Overbrook homes man, convicted of shooting a disabling a Philadelphia police officers the political decision in the next ten days. The man shot and killed by police last week in port Richmond has been identified as a Wildwood man, I'm Kim Glovas. The Sixers house the pistons tonight, scattered clouds forty one degrees, but bundle up. If you're headed out twenty five tonight afternoon, I'm Michelle Durham the following three you at three oh one. It's an all hands on debt Africa help people with nowhere to go following this morning's massive fireball, a massive fire rather in Overbrook. Here's used Justin Udo, Monday morning spire at the Overbrook Gordon's apartment complex left families out in the cold looking for place to go, but thanks to organizations like the Red Cross. John berry elementary school is doubling as a temporary shelter. We've set up a warming station with the office emergency management to provide food and just a place, folks. Come to stay out of the cold weather as we assess how we can help them going forward. As you saw what the Red Cross is. They're teaming up with other organizations to make sure everyone displaced by the fire has somewhere to go. Their agencies are actually contacting us just to align with us as far as what are the long term needs Almon Brown with the Overbrook beacon community center is one of the neighbors who jumped into action after he received word that so many people were left without a place to go following the fire. He says they're opening their doors for families and doing whatever they can to help those in need. We're gonna bring around toys. So we're going to try to keep the young children happy as long as we can other neighbors volunteered. Their services to help. Those in need by doing everything from serving hot chocolate to passing out blankets. Just an KYW NewsRadio. It's three oh two time.

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